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Righteous Demands


Whenever a person on the political Right hears the word “entitlement,” he or she likely cringes or growls in anger at the images the word creates: those people who believe that the government or the wealthy “owe” them benefits. Included in that list would be free student loans, free cellphones, free services, interest-free mortgages, free money, food stamps, welfare . . . well, the list is extensive, so I’ll pause with these examples. Over the years, the list of entitlements has grown significantly, and the belief that people are owed these entitlements has become ubiquitous in a part of our population.

Those of us, on the other hand, who think that people benefit from working for their hard-earned dollars, are considered selfish, arrogant, and we might as well throw in, racist, too. We’re now learning that the House is developing legislation that would provide “Covid relief,” providing as much as $14,000 per family; unfortunately, it appears a way of instituting a universal basic income program.

Trump Is Done


Trump gets full credit for destroying himself and his Presidency. And he finally did it single-handedly. We have all put up with his rudeness, crassness, and inconsistencies, and I was willing to go along.

Until now.

Member Post


Okay, I admit it. I don’t follow college football. I never did follow college football. Not even when I attended California State University at Long Beach. But this latest report of the rebellion of the UCF football players regarding the upcoming season just stuck in my craw. Who do they think they are? Preview Open

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Bah, Humbug! on Lemon Grove Drive


We live on a cul-de-sac with 17 homes and our street is famous in the community. We are the street with incredible Christmas lights (with a touch of Hanukkah decorations). We have also offered cookies and hot chocolate on two consecutive nights in December, letting the community know with signs set up at the end of the street when we will be offering them. But this year the occasion was compromised by ridiculous rumors and the bad behavior of those who came. My neighbors are up in arms by how we were treated by those who visited us.

The difficulties seemed to fall into two categories: rumors and bad behavior. The rumors would have been very funny if they weren’t so outrageous. In truth, we have purchased all the decorations and put them up ourselves, and have found some generous folks who are snowbirds who have let us store them in their garages. What are the rumors? To buy a house on this street will cost a buyer $10,000 for their portion of the cost to have the decorations installed; the developer pays someone to put up the decorations on our street; the developer provides storage for our decorations; everyone on the street must bake cookies, and they have to be chocolate chip cookies (although this one would be okay with me). There are probably other rumors drifting around. I’ve heard some of them in the past, but this year they were especially silly.

What about the bad behavior of visitors? Someone said the dates we chose to give away cookies was inconvenient, and we should do it on a different day; another said we should do it at a different time; some asked why we didn’t offer a certain cookie that we had last year; others asked if we had cookies for the dogs that they brought with them. One person thought the decorations were all so nice, except for the large Jewish star in front of one home. (She didn’t realize she was telling my neighbor who put up the star.)

Taking Stock and Surviving the Miasma


The political atmosphere has become suffocating; sometimes it’s a good idea to come up for air, to try to gain perspective and to reflect on whether we are headed in a productive direction or about to fall off a cliff.

Trying to make sense of the times is nearly impossible. How does one make sense of life in the middle of chaos? The rancor has been intensified by obstinacy, the outrage colored by disbelief. All the stories point in the direction of violence and an ongoing desire for retribution. The irony of these descriptions is that they point to both sides of the political equation. The Left and Right, for different reasons, are contributing to the disruption: I believe that one side is poisoning politics and governance; the other is trying to stop that movement and transcend it.

The Left has become a malicious, vengeful, and hysterical part of the population. Its main sickness is, I believe, entitlement. We often talk about the entitlement of the populace, but I believe it actually began with our ruling elite. The elite of the Left believes that it is entitled to rule — not govern, but rule. They operate out of a deluded idealism that they use to justify their modes of operation: denigrating, demonizing, and destroying whatever slows them down. They will persecute the Right and subjugate blacks. If protests lead to violence, it’s the fault of the Right. Almost any type of behavior on their part is justified: lying, deception, defamation and terrorizing. The Left is willing to do whatever it takes, relying on its delusions of superiority and the hatred of the Right.

#YesAllWomen’s Wasted Opportunity


shutterstock_162487649An article on CNN leads off the discussion of the #YesAllWomen hashtag with the following:

No, not all men channel frustration over romantic rejection into a killing spree. But yes, all women experience harassment, discrimination or worse at some point in their lives. That’s the message at the core of an ongoing Twitter conversation that emerged after a rampage last week that left six students from the University of California, Santa Barbara, dead and wounded 13 others. Elliot Rodger, who apparently shot and killed himself, left behind a robust digital footprint detailing his plan to “destroy everything I cannot have,” blaming the “cruelness of women” for leading to his “day of retribution.”

Okay, I get it: Elliot Rodger was a jerk who hated women, and now we get inundated on Twitter with the notion that all women are victims of a domineering male society (never do I see an acknowledgement that women can be, and often are,  just as bad too each other as any man ever could be). As one person on Twitter said: