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Getting a “Rise” Out of Oliver Cromwell


File:Cerne Abbas Giant Renovation (8) - geograph.org.uk - 970089.jpgI usually associate puckish or somewhat risqué headlines with organs such as the Daily Mirror in the UK, and the New York Post in the United States.  Newspapers that no-one in my family would have been caught dead reading, at least in public.  (Excuse me for a moment; just clearing my Internet cache, LOL….)

So imagine my surprise this morning, when The Telegraph, one of Britain’s staid old newspaper ladies and the only one my family would read (after the servants had ironed it, of course), emblazoned the following headline across its webpage:

Rebel baron undressed the Cerne Abbas Giant to get a rise out of Oliver Cromwell.

The White King: A Narrative Story on the Life of King Charles I


England’s King Charles I is often pictured as arrogant, clueless, and stupid. A less common view, offered by Alexandre Dumas in Twenty Years After, portrays him as a noble martyr. Where does the truth lie? The White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr by Leanda de Lisle offers an objective biography of this king.

De Lisle paints a portrait of a Charles Stuart that reveals him more nuanced than the popular image of the man today. He is shown as intelligent and active, acting more out of principle than of self-interest. Indeed, principle would lead to his downfall. As de Lisle shows, he was willing to compromise on many areas, including the power he would exercise as king.

Yet, Charles was unwilling to compromise on religion. His life took place against the backdrop of the Thirty Years’ War, a convulsion driven by religion. Charles viewed himself as “The Defender of the Faith,” the faith being the Anglican church established by Henry VIII. Charles refused aid from France contingent on a conversion to Catholicism, from the Scots if he became Presbyterian, and rejected a settlement with the victorious Parliamentarians because it required changing the established church along Puritan lines.

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Immigration is on the agenda this political cycle. But, surprisingly, Americans, including such esteemed Americans as the Ricochetti, don’t actually know much about its history or significance. Essential parts of the story have been buried by the relentless onslaught of political correctness. America is a nation of immigrants, most of whom came as members of […]

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