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Remind the GOP They Don’t Own You: Vote McMullin


If you believe Donald Trump represents the best available means to save the republic from the Left, then you should vote for him. There’s no shortage of good, intelligent, and wise people who’ve come to that judgment and Clinton is sufficiently awful that I can’t, in good conscience, say I know you’re wrong.

Don’t Reward Bad Choices: Vote Third Party For President, Republican for Congress


shutterstock_495755698We have come to an election in which there seems to be no way to win. At first glance, the election seems binary and the two choices we are given are unthinkable. In Hillary Clinton, we have someone very probably guilty of crimes not merely of corruption but crimes that endangered our national security. No one that really cares for the country should vote for her to be president. Turning to the Republican alternative, you find Donald Trump. His ignorance of policy issues and his reckless, ignorant, and dangerous foreign policy pronouncements should give you pause about his fitness for office. Looking at his character, you find even more horrifying information. He is a man of  privilege who gained success from gaming the system and legal tricks, and his sense of entitlement leads to his mistreatment of women and gross statements about their treatment at his hands. How can such a man lead a nation like the United States?

Politics is not generally binary and this election is no exception. There are ways to do good with your vote and help our country despite Trump and Clinton. No matter who becomes president we will need Republicans in Congress to put a brake on their excesses. Senators Ben Sasse, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, Kelly Ayotte, and many other honorable men and women need to the leaders in the Senate. Voting for the Republican Senate candidates (and hopefully having them often out-perform Donald Trump in the election) will send a powerful message to Washington. It will give the Senate Republicans the mandate and confidence to oppose the wild excesses of the president.

Even on the presidential level, there are ways to send the message of disapproval. In a blue state, vote Jill Stein to split the liberals in your state; in a red state, vote for Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson to remind the Republican party that the Democrats’ nomination unfit candidates for office is no reason for the Republicans to follow suit. Vote to keep the House because of Paul Ryan’s great work there and House Republicans’ many stands for freedom over the last six years.

Break the Left: Vote for Stein

By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Jill Stein By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link.

Two months ago, I suggested that those not voting Trump may wish to consider voting the Green Party’s Jill Stein instead. I would like to say my rationale is that, in a general election filled with absurd candidates, you may as well vote for the most absurd of the bunch, but really there is some strategy behind it. Although the Libertarian Party garnering enough votes to receive FEC funding is less of a threat now, the Right is not coming out of this election season in one piece. A vote for Stein is a vote to encourage the Greens to keep at their efforts to fracture the Left, which would at least help even things out.

Consider the Importance of Free Expression: Vote for Trump


shutterstock_3359855So long as we have free speech and a free press, the possibility remains that our country’s problems can be solved. But once this crucial feedback connection is cut, issues are likely to compound upon each other until catastrophe happens. Recall that Hillary Clinton’s response to the Benghazi attack was to blame it on an American filmmaker exercising his Constitutional rights and to threaten to have him arrested, a threat that was carried into execution.

It’s not just Clinton, either: There is a strong tendency among Democrats to call for government suppression of political dissidents, and to carry this belief into action when they can get away with it. Note that Clinton’s Democratic Party is closely aligned with the forces on college campuses that create nightmares for anyone — student or professor — who dissents from the “progressive” orthodoxy, or who demonstrates a normal sense of humor. Think also of the witch-hunt in Wisconsin and the IRS persecution of conservative organizations (more here). Trump is scarcely an ideal candidate from a free speech standpoint but, when contrasted with Hillary — the avatar of the totalitarian-minded “progressive” movement — he is the clear best choice on this critical issue.