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President Macron addresses Congress


President Macron gave an eloquent address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. I found his English perfectly comprehensible at 1.5 speed playback on C-SPAN.org. He started with a brief history lesson, invoking our shared military, art, music, and food experiences. He recounted the sacrifice of an American, Alan Seeger, who joined the French […]

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Was the French Election Really a Good Thing?


There have been a lot of posts and comments about how wonderful it is that Macron won the French election last weekend. I do not agree that it is wonderful.

I have never posted an article linked from Gatestone Institute here. I figured that those of us who frequent Gatestone understand how valuable it is, so there is no need to mention it. This story, however, needs to be told, as the “opposing viewpoint” to the pro-Macron articles posted on Ricochet. Here it is:

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Quick Take on France: Not Necessarily a Defeat


American Righties are distraught over Macron’s win and Lefties are relieved. Both are wrong. In my view, it was a mistake to analogize or allegorize this French election into the Trump/Brexit story as everyone was doing. There is no such easy overlap. I think those two things are something uniquely Anglo-American; something taking shape in the Anglosphere that only has hints around the world. First, as Daniel Hannan recently wrote:

Let’s get one thing clear at the outset. Marine Le Pen is not “far Right”. She is not, in any meaningful sense, Right-wing at all. She wants wealth taxes, higher social spending, limited working hours, worker control of companies, tariffs. The garrulous agitator is Right-wing only in the BBC sense of “baddie” – a designation which the corporation applies to everyone from the revolutionary ayatollahs in Iran to the Stalinist nostalgics in Russia.


Hacked Macron Emails Dumped on Eve of French Election


An election draws near, and thousands of campaign emails are dumped online. Sound familiar?

This time the victim is French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron whose En Marche! Movement was apparently hacked less than two days before French voters decide between him and Marine Le Pen. Nine gigabytes of data were posted anonymously to document-sharing site Pastebin. Macron’s campaign confirmed the breach: