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Hillary Clinton: Living Dangerously


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-54-24-pmComedic value aside (“probe”, “device”, “Weiner”), what we know for certain is that the FBI has reopened its investigation into the into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified material after discovering emails from the then-Secretary of State on a computer used by the former congressman/full-time pervert Anthony Weiner.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I miss the days when you were expected to bow-out of public life the moment your penis appeared on the internet. But the 1990’s were simpler times: in that ancient era the belief was that it was as much for your own good as for the public’s.

Yes, there were jokes at Weiner’s expense. How could there not be? As with Jeb Bush, Weiner was already behind the 8-ball with his last name. He should have understood that, unfair as it is, he had to walk a tighter rope than others. His repeated lies about someone hacking his Twitter account in order to make fun of his last name contributed to the merriment, if only because they flattered our contempt for the political class. The fact that he was young for a politician but well-on in years for a man who doesn’t understand how the internet works only contributed to our amusement.

We Will Soon Find Out if Bernie Sanders Is a Serious Candidate


Hillary Clinton gives a speech on income inequality wearing a $12,495 Armani jacket.

Is Bernie Sanders a serious candidate in the contest to win the Democratic nomination for President? I do not mean to ask whether his policies are serious or whether he has the proper demeanor or necessary qualifications to hold the office. We know that his policies, which can be boiled down to a two-part platform of “Free Stuff for Everyone” and “Throw the Fatcats in Prison,” are fundamentally unserious. We know his demeanor is a little crazy but that he does meet the basic Constitutional requirements to hold the office of President.

Member Post


As I understand it, Hillary Clinton didn’t merely ignore an arbitrary policy when she employed a personal email for official government business — which certainly included classified information — and even went to the very unusual length of setting up her own private server at home. She broke the law. Her actions were criminal.  Yet […]

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Asking the Right Questions in EmailGate


4403152760_c6c556d039_zI’m curious how dangerous the tech-savvy Ricochetti believe that clintonemail.com was. Perhaps a better way to put it: What is the scale and scope of that danger?

My biggest concern is how compromised our *.gov email systems were by Hillary’s rogue operation. Once I thought of the recent State.gov exploit — in conjunction with the revelation of Hillary’s private server — other worries came to mind over the last few days:

  • Hillary’s own emails pose a smaller security risk than those of her staff. In my experience, it’s often low-level staff who open the door to email-driven breaches. They’re easier to tempt into opening “WHSalary.xls” files or juicy-looking links.
  • I wonder if the Clintonistas have any idea if clintonemail.com was breached. If they did, however, it would be a great reason to delete mail, destroy the server, etc. She can survive non-disclosure; she can’t survive having allowed Russians, Chinese, or both, to use clintonemail.com to attack the government.
  • Were any *.gov defenses lowered to accommodate this separate operation. For example, did state.gov treat clintonemail.com as a trusted domain?
  • Even if clintonemail.com wasn’t in *.gov domains via a trust, payloads in attachments or links are notoriously hard to vet. So long as attachments or links were allowed, spoofing *.gov account holders via what looked like Hillary and staff mails (e.g., Name appears as Hillary Clinton, but it’s really an clintonemail.com account controlled by another).

Any other ideas about what went down and what to ask?