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Weekend with Bernie


BernieBernie and Elizabeth came to Phoenix this weekend. A crowd, estimated between 2,000 and 2,000,000 filled the convention center. Imagine that! Insular as my existence is, I’m still surprised that an avowed Socialist and a faux Pocahontas populist statist could find so many enthusiastic supplicants in free-carry Arizona. Then again, the world is filled with government workers, teachers’ union members, students, and would-be artists, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

They all gathered in the whinefest I’ll call the “New Weekend with Bernie.” Sanders is markedly old and stiff, but filled with vituperous energy directed at “banks, big business and Republicans” — Satan’s trilogy of the free markets. Republicans blame the government. Socialists blame free markets. Elizabeth has obviously joined the Sanders entourage as the de facto VP candidate. Bernie, as we all can see, is one weekend away from being a recyclable mass in the mulch pile, so Elizabeth is the real heir apparent, challenging Hillary from behind. Interesting strategy.

But the really interesting thing about all this is that any pretense of free markets as a force for any good at all is condemned as vulgar, reflexively ignorant, and a kind of mass Stockholm Syndrome. To paraphase their muddled logic: We’ve all had to accept corporatism because we rely on it for everything, but this is a massive lie. Right wing corporatism, that is free markets, has no conscience. Those on the Right seek only one thing, money, and they use this money to control everything and to buy power, which gives them access to more money.

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If you still have any doubt that religious liberty in America is under attack, come meet the influential Senator from Massachussetts.  Here’s a transcript, but the text alone doesn’t do her justice.  Go watch the video.    Scott Walker also has a vision of what it means to President. After the Supreme Court said on Friday that […]

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Third Class Temperament


ObamaLike cult members awaking to find their leader swigging gin and squirreling money into a Swiss bank account, liberals are rubbing their eyes in disbelief at President Obama’s behavior. The figure they worshipped so fervently and for so long is now revealed to be a “sexist” – at least according to National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill.

Her view is seconded by Senator Sherrod Brown (D., OH). They are upset about the president’s derisive treatment of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., MA), who committed a sin the president does not take kindly – she disagreed with him. For differing about the merits of the TPP trade deal, she got what everyone should already recognize as the Obama treatment – her views were caricatured and her motives were questioned. “The truth of the matter is that Elizabeth is, you know, a politician like everybody else.” Senator Brown thought the president’s use of Warren’s first name betokened sexism.

No, Senator Brown, that’s not sexism, that’s all-purpose disrespect. The president has been displaying the same condescension to world leaders, senate majority leaders, house speakers, and everyone else since first taking office. It was always “John” and “Harry” and “Hillary” – never Speaker Boehner, Leader Reid, or Secretary Clinton. It was “Angela” and “David,” not Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Cameron. Can’t wait to see whether, when the Pope visits in September, the president refers to him as “Jorge.” There was one exception to this rule – Obama was at pains to refer to Iran’s Ali Khameini, who has never been elected to anything, as “Supreme Leader.”

The Left Has Abandoned Ideas for Identities


Sen. Harry Reid — who apparently still runs the U.S. Senate despite the GOP being the majority — killed the President’s plan for fast-track authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Leading up to the big vote, Obama traded barbs with free-trade opponent Elizabeth Warren, with the language growing increasingly personal.

In an April conference call, the President rebuffed Warren’s claim TPP was overly secretive. “The one that gets on my nerves the most is the notion that this is a secret deal,” Obama said. “Every single one of the critics saying this is a secret deal, or send out e-mails to their fundraising base that they’re working to stop a secret deal, could walk over and see the text of the agreement.”

Same Old(er) Hillary


The six-year house party the activist left has been having with the country is coming to an end — and they know it. The death rattle for the antagonistic left began as soon as Wall Street grandmother Hillary Clinton announced her run for the presidency.

When a candidate is nominated for President, the party no longer drags them to their position; instead, it automatically becomes the party of that candidate. That’s why you see Bill de Blasio, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren all curbing their enthusiasm. The moment Hillary accepts the nomination, their electoral talking points are for the most part rendered benign — the party becomes a Clinton party again. They also know the same dirty secret the rest of the country knows: Hillary can’t run on class warfare and pop-socialism. Democrats understand that any time Hillary plays class warrior, she falls over her gold-plated walker and hits her Life Alert for the media to bail her out.

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[Read Episode 1 first at http://ricochet.com/where-no-woman-has-gone-before/, then read Episode 2 at http://ricochet.com/where-no-woman-has-gone-before-episode-2-the-wrath-of-trey/]  (Hey, they’re not called “Episodes” for nothing!) The Presidency . . . the final frontier—for gender equality.  This is the voyage of the Starship Dependency, it’s two year mission: to eliminate all competition, to stick it to those nasty Republicans, to boldly go […]

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An Age-Appropriate Republican in 2016?


shutterstock_180967037I had a column in the Sacramento Bee last week posing a simple question: is 2016 an opportunity for the GOP to break with its recent pattern of presidential nominees and go instead with a candidate in his or her 40s? My thinking:

— A party that started out by choosing relatively young nominees (California’s John C. Fremont was all of 43 when he became the first Republican presidential nominee in 1856; Abraham Lincoln, next up in 1860, was 51), has gone gray. Mitt Romney was 65 when he lost to President Obama in 2012. Before him: John McCain, age 72; George W. Bush, age 54; Bob Dole, age 73. That’s an average age of 66 — or, roughly the midway point between George H. W. Bush, age 64, and Ronald Reagan, age 69.

Now, the Democratic numbers: Barack Obama was 47 in 2008; John Kerry, age 60; Al Gore, age 52 in 2000; Bill Clinton, age 46 in 1992. That’s averages out to 51.25 years.

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Just for giggles, I decided to look up Elizabeth Warren’s bio.  Now, I know that Wiki can contain lots of errors.  However, assuming her bio is correct, Warren is one formidable woman.  Stack her work history and accomplishments against Hillary Diane Rodham’s, and Mrs. Clinton comes off looking like the do-nothing, low-life, inept politician that […]

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Hillary’s E-mail Blast


Hillary Clinton bowed to the inevitable yesterday and fielded reporters’ questions regarding her use of private e-mail for both public and private business while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

About the press conference (which wasn’t a full-fledged “I’m gonna stand here and take every question until you’ve worn yourselves out” — like this one, held by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during his Bridgegate controversy): the last time Mrs. Clinton was in a bind like this was well over two decades ago, when she gave the famous “pretty in pink” press conference at the White House in hopes of putting a lid on the Whitewater scandal.

Back then, Mrs. Clinton held court for 72 minutes. Yesterday’s presser: a little over 20 minutes, with an abrupt ending.

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It’s not just that Hillary Clinton is making it hard not to wonder what she might be covering up.  That doesn’t surprise anyone.  It’s Clintonian.  We almost expected it.  We didn’t expect it to stop her nomination, or even her election. There’s the security angle.  That she wasn’t more careful about the possibility of hacking.  That’s […]

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Jim Geraghty is reporting that Newsmax is pledging a Dr. Evil amount of money to the Clinton foundation. I’m just hoping we never read about Ricochet donating to the Elizabeth Warren TeePee Museum or the PETA cow sanctuary or the Planned Parenthood Memorial Nursery. (I guess if Obama’s dog hurt its paw, they could chip in […]

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Incentives Matter


399px-Elizabeth_Warren_Nov_2_2012One of the virtues of free-market capitalism—perhaps the greatest—is how well it aligns incentives with desired outcomes. If you produce a good or provide a service that other people want, they will pay you for it. If demand for that good or service increases, it’s price will climb, which further incentivizes producers and providers.

Sadly, it doesn’t always work that out that way. Free markets can make tremendous errors and bad players can often get away with deceit and fraud for much longer than we’d like. This is why we have regulations: to impose a level of top-down authority in those areas where bottom-up incentives don’t work.

Of course, designing smart regulations is easier said than done. Simple regulations have the enormous benefit of being predictable and easily-comprehended, but are extremely blunt instruments. Complicated regulations can have the virtue of precision, but are much harder to design and can be difficult to follow if you take their intent seriously and easy to avoid if you don’t. Moreover, poorly-designed regulations often overcompensate for their intended/purported purpose, causing far more harm than they could ever hope to prevent.

Elizabeth Warren: Hostage Taker


They’re showing reruns on Capitol Hill. The Democrat-led Senate is scrambling to approve yet another spending bill. Congress, at the very least, needs to send a continuing resolution to the White House for a signature or the federal government will shut down.

As the Beltway media has long told us, a government shutdown is the worst calamity that can befall humanity. The last one occurred way back in 2013, and America devolved into a Mad Max-style hellscape with neo-primitive warlords roaming the countryside, imposing their cruel will through violence and the threat of further anarchy. Or maybe a few national parks were temporarily closed; my memory’s a bit fuzzy.

Divvy Up the Hardware, Destroy the Software


6860127956_1483c85086_zLike Marx, Lenin believed that capitalism had solved the problem of production and that the state could simply expropriate the commanding heights of industry and produce wealth for the “common good.” He declared that “any literate person” was capable of managing any part of the economy, from banks to factories. Very quickly, however, he learned that running a business was far more complex than he had ever imagined. With political commissars in charge, production plummeted, people starved, and peasants rioted.

What Lenin never understood is that real wealth does not lie in the factory itself – the hardware – but in the knowledge of the entrepreneurs and managers who planned, built, and established the myriad procedures by which it is run. The real wealth lies in the software – the information and procedures stored in the minds of the people who operate the factory. Confiscating the hardware left the Bolsheviks with useless hulks devoid of the essential software that had enabled them to create wealth.

Leftists of the “you didn’t build that” mindset from Barack Obama to Elizabeth Warren are speeding us down the same dead end road that Lenin traveled nearly a century ago. They see wealth in materialistic, static terms; as something that can be doled-out until everyone is “equal.” They don’t realize that wealth is created in the software: the laws and institutions that protect the freedom necessary for individuals and entrepreneurs to work and create. Should they destroy those laws and institutions in their blind race toward their vision of equality, they will succeed only in destroying America’s wealth.

Essay Challenge: Refute Senator Warren


Given her background, publishing history, interests, and high school teacher affect, Senator Elizabeth Warren makes for an extraordinarily unlikely demagogue. But, against all odds, my senior senator has turned herself into a rhetorical force through a remarkable ability to spout utter nonsense, with great conviction, on subjects on which she absolutely knows better — and in a way that somehow resonates with people.

Other Straws in the Wind


shutterstock_158954213Earlier this week, I drew attention to the dearth of panels at the 2014 American Political Science Association (APSA) conference that were devoted to an assessment of the achievements in domestic and foreign affairs of the administration of Barack Obama. As I pointed out, the APSA has fifty-three “divisions” and sixty “related groups”that sponsor more than one thousand panels at these meetings with something on the order of four thousand scholars making presentations of one sort or another. Given those numbers, the profession’s silence with regard to Obama’s accomplishments are so striking as to suggest that the political science profession now regards “the One” as an embarrassment.

Today, I returned to the program of the APSA, which is available online and can be downloaded and searched. This I did with an eye to studying it more closely. Here and there, I found that someone had given a paper on some aspect of Barack Obama’s career — usually, with a focus on race — but that no one had bothered to ask whether he had been successful on the whole at home or abroad.

I found other omissions no less striking. There was, for example, not a single paper given at the convention in which the name Clinton appeared in the title, and there was not a single paper delivered in which the title referred to anyone named Hillary. You would think –given her front-runner status for the Democratic presidential nomination — someone would have addressed her achievements as Secretary of State or as a United States senator. But no one even bothered to discuss her future prospects, and no one looked back to the administration of her husband.

‘Run Liz Run’: Stuck in the Age of Folk


Democrats know how to reach voters. I’m not talking about using better data or GOTV techniques – I mean how to reach people emotionally. That’s exactly the point of the new video – “Run Liz Run” – promoting Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Set to a catchy folk-song it’s a portrait of enthusiastic supporters carrying signs and cheering for the Senator as she gives a passionate speech at the progressive Netroots Nation conference. It makes you feel hopeful, excited about the prospects of seeing a woman in the White House, and paints politics as accessible.

Despite the video’s positive vibe, however, it’s clear supporters of Liz Warren view life in America as inherently unfair. “Run Liz Run” calls for a “leader who won’t stand for all the Wall Street bull—-;” stresses that “people think the system is rigged because it is,” and reminds us that “nobody got rich on their own, not nobody.” The video skillfully pits Americans against one another – a technique Warren has already perfected, by using the word “fighting” with great frequency – without ever making the viewer feel angry.