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Calling Liz Warren “Pocahontas” Is a Good Thing


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) and President Donald Trump.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is known for lying about being Native American to get a job at Harvard, but she’s not the first “Fauxcahontas” I’ve come across. As some on Ricochet know, I was once in the cheese business. About 20 to 25 percent of my business was with the DOD. They bought what was commonly referred to as commodity cheese. Think gasoline. For the most part gasoline is gasoline is gasoline as long as it meets certain standards. If an intersection has four gas stations, everything being equal, you buy from the one with the lowest price. The cheese that the DOD bought was like that.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are thrilled to see Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez planning to leave Congress and take his toxic, divisive immigration rhetoric with him. They also slam Project Veritas for trying to plant a fake accusation against Roy Moore with the Washington Post in an attempt to discredit the Post’s earlier stories on Moore. And they they sigh as President Trump takes a political shot at Elizabeth Warren by calling her ‘Pocahontas’ while honoring Navajo Code Talkers from World War II at the White House, not because Warren doesn’t deserve criticism for her suspect claims of Cherokee heritage but for injecting politics into a a ceremony that should have been free of it.

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Please check out my interview with a gentleman running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren! The conversation with V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai​ starts around 12:41! https://jeromedanner.net/2017/09/01/ep-52-dr-shiva-ayyadurai-va_shiva-interview-beginning-w-brandonelrod-brandon-elrod/ Preview Open

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Killer Apps


I’ve had it up to here with you people out there making harassing calls to my technical staff to rush our new smartphone apps to the market. My number one technology guy, R.N.D. Funding, is threatening to quit. If he does, I’m coming after each of you fat [expletives]. Like many Americans, I have access to the NSA tapes and transcripts of your abusive calls to R.N.D. If you think Gen. Flynn got a raw deal, just wait until I get a hold of you.

However, my public relations consultant and part-time rodeo clown, Robin “Hood” Wink, has urged me to placate you knuckleheads. I told her, as I’m always ‘splaining to my Nobel Prize winning shrink, Sarah Bellum, I try to like people, but they are all so [expletive] stupid.

US Department of Fake


I ran into Greg Potemkin in DC yesterday when I was in town to lobby for The Euthanamerica Foundation, which I helped establish to counteract the obsessive focus on young Asians being promoted by the Oregon-based Euthanasia Society.

Greg is considerably younger than I, but we became fast friends five years ago when we toured Uzbekistan together for the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) to promote magic awareness and escapism. After exchanging the traditional IBM greeting, which consists of pulling multi-colored scarves from each other’s ears until we were worn out, we retired to the nearest Starbutts to catch up.

A Safe Space Within Stereotypes


There would be no welcome basket or friendly note in the mailbox. No plainly dressed, well-intentioned grandmother with fresh cookies. Still, someone needed to welcome the new neighbors in person, and certainly no later than a week after their arrival.

I did not hear them knock which was probably why they opted to break-in. I was awakened by the smashed glass 15 feet from where I was sleeping.

Black Toes Intolerant


Earlier this week, I was walking up the massive marble steps of the Primal Scream Foundation in Los Angeles with my world famous environmental consultant, part-time Benedictine monk, Phil T. McNasty, when we ran into a small but irrational crowd gathered under the building’s faux Greek portico. On a raised platform in front of the group, former Speaker of the House, San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Lugosi, was screeching, continuing the Democrat war on Big D, pronouns, syntax, and sentence construction.

“While it’s only been a couple of weeks since the inauguration, we’ve seen nothing that I can work with President Bush on,” Lugosi said, echoing her comments from a press conference on February 6, 2017, blurring the lines between current and former presidents, and seamlessly moving from plural to singular pronouns, while using prepositions willy-nilly.

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This morning after talking with a couple of elder liberal academics (one being my boss)), I decided to check Twitter to see what was going on politically. Then, I stumbled on a Twitter ‘moment’ (https://twitter.com/i/moments/829166461503553536)that shared information about Sen. Warren being silenced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and an old letter written by Coretta […]

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Extreme Kvetching


Returning from giving the keynote address at the annual Mensa International Symposium in Reykjavik, Iceland, I woke up on the third bounce of the Icelandair Boeing 757 on the main gravel runway at LaGuardia.

I nudged my personal sommelier and bodyguard, Vino Diesel, who had consumed 36 liters of Reyka, Iceland’s premier vodka, during our four-day stay, rendering him somewhat less effective as a bodyguard.

Operation Dribble: Aftermath


Exhausted from breaking up fights all over the Trump Hotel Washington gym, I watched gratefully as lobbyists, cheerleaders, and fans finally filtered out.

There was only one serious injury. D’s Head Coach HRC had retrieved the ashtray she threw at William Rodham Clinton, and on her second try, beaned him good. The wound in his hairline bled profusely, causing the former president to schedule a cosmetic surgery haircut at Washington National.

Operation Dribble: The Game


“I demand equality,” Elizabeth “Dances With Wolf Blitzer” Warren screamed at the half-court line. “They have all the height. Our players need their fair share.” She pointed at Sheriff David Clarke Kent and his cowboy hat. “And, he’s a ….”

“Democrat,” I yelled to drown out whatever epithet she was attempting to hurl. “The R’s made him an honorary R, so under the rules of this game, he’s eligible to play on the RNC team.”

Operation Dribble: Pre-Game


I hope you’re sitting down, because I have big news for you. Inspired by my look-a-like Brad Pitt, I single-handedly brought Operation Dribble to life.

In Troy, Brad’s Achilles kills Eric Bana’s Hector in a mano-a-mano confrontation rather than have the Greek and Ultra-Thin Trojan armies fight it out. The dispute started when that comely economic guru, Yellen of Troy, fell in love with Paris, in spite of the outrageous cost of a decent hotel room near the Ile de la Cite.

For Once the Vice Presidency Matters


kaine-pence-debateBack in late January, 2015, I did a post entitled The Party of the Living Dead. In it, I drew attention to what Barack Obama did to the Democratic Party — which is that he deprived it of a bench and left it in the grips of septuagenarians such as Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and the like. Even that young whippersnapper Elizabeth Warren — with whom I served back in the last millennium on the debate team for Northwest Class High School in Oklahoma City — was slated to be 66 or 67 by now, and Hillary Clinton was slated to be 69 — older than Ronald Reagan was on the eve of his first election. I did not have the wit to mention Bernie Sanders, then and now another septuagenarian; and I took it for granted that the Republicans would nominate someone in his or her forties or fifties. It never crossed my mind that they would nominate someone older than Hillary. But here we are.

I mention this because I believe that Tim Kaine or Mike Pence will be President before long. There is, as Aristotle said with regard to the Spartan gerousia, an old age of the mind as well as one of the body — and Hillary is evidencing both. She is not only ill — probably with Parkinson’s disease — and lacking energy. She is, as Huma Abedin noted some time ago in an email to someone recently hired at the State Department, “often confused.” She may win on Tuesday. My guess — for what it is worth — is that she will. But she will not be with us long. Hell, she is not always with us now.

For all of his defects, Donald Trump does not seem to be lacking in energy — perhaps because he is not, like his opponent, given to imbibing. But let’s face it: he, too, is old, and the campaign must be a terrific strain. Moreover, his incoherence — the fact that he seems to have attitudes and resentments but not well-worked ideas — fits rather well with Aristotle’s observation. It is, of course, conceivable that the man was never able to think through issues. He certainly seems to be stuck in adolescence, and he clearly has a problem with impulse control. But these things get worse as one ages. The ablest people remember their conclusions but forget the line of reasoning that got them there. Trust me: I know.

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Donald Trump is often assailed for implying that he will use the power of the state to fix the problems of the working class. This is seen as fundamentally un-conservative. The leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May, doesn’t just imply this. She said it explicitly in her Wednesday speech to close the Tory party […]

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Richard Epstein argues that the European Union’s decision to impose heavy tax penalties on Apple may not be quite the disaster that critics suggest.

Hillary’s Primary Nightmare Scenario


joe_biden_elizabeth_warrenWhen news leaked today that Vice President Joe Biden quietly met with Senator Elizabeth Warren, you could hear official Washington’s sharp intake of collective breath. As much fun as the Biden speculation had been, he was still signaling that no decision had been made, and that it was unlikely he’d make a decision until the fall. This meeting has electrified the political media tonight.

A Biden-Warren entente presents a scenario that Biden should view as a power move that would leave Hillary Clinton’s already damaged campaign bleeding out on the deck. If I were Biden’s team, I’d cut a deal right now with Elizabeth Warren promising her two things; the Vice Presidency and full control over Biden’s economic agenda.

It’s a match made in policy and political heaven; for Biden, the complexities of the economy aren’t really his forte. Weddings, funerals, ribbon cuttings, cute animals, fondling White House visitors, and affable parody videos? Biden’s your man. Substantive policy, detail work, and intellectual rigor? Not so much. Warren’s entire economic and political philosophy is a nightmarish farrago of every post-modern socialist and regulatory-state fantasy, but at least she’s interested in having a firm grip on the controls of the economy as she crashes it into the ground at Mach 3.