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Scooter Economy


Have you ever wondered about the scooter economy? No, not that Scooter. We are talking about the electric scooters, which have largely supplanted undocked bicycles. The undocked bicycles were, themselves, a leap forward from docked bicycles. All of these transportation modes attack the “last mile” problem, with increasing efficacy. “Docked,” undocked,” “last mile,” what is all this about? Read on and marvel, or at least gain a nice break room, coffee shop, or dinner table story.

The last mile problem:


Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast number 167(!!) it’s the Self-Crashing Zuckerbergs edition of the show with your buckled-in hosts, radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist soon-to-be-Californian Mike Stopa.

This week on the show we discuss the convergence of advances in electric cars, autonomous vehicles and ride hailing…i.e. the future of transportation in America…or so says Stanford University futurist and disruption maven Tony Seba in a provocative lecture. One woman was tragically killed by a self-driving car in Arizona this week. Will it derail the autonomous vehicle future? Probably only for a while.


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