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Value of Symbols


justice and COVID-19Observed outside a Circle K recently: two men approached on battered bicycles. One black, one white, they were both desert-lean and weathered. They knew long-term poverty.

Said the black man to the white: “They’re so stupid, they pull down a statue and throw it in the river!” Answered the white man: “Thousands of pounds of bronze!”

This conversation illustrates the Grand Canyon-sized gap between the leftist punks and the poor, those truly without “privilege.” A brief explanation for the perplexed: these were scrap men. They scavenge metal for cash and are acutely aware of the current local market value of every metal. When they see a bronze statue being pulled down by wealthy young whites LARPing* as revolutionaries, these men accurately estimate weight and dollars per pound.

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Republicans and independents have the opportunity to vote for one of two candidates, Martha McSally or Daniel McCarthy, this August 4. She is repeating her failed strategy from 2018. McSally is refusing to acknowledge McCarthy and the primary voters. If Daniel McCarthy loses, it will not be for lack of trying, whereas Martha McSally seems […]

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Never Leave It to the Judges


Ballot box“Never leave it to the judges.” This admonition of every rule-based combat sport goes double for elections. John Roberts has already amply demonstrated that he is no William Rehnquist. If we leave the 2020 presidential and Congressional elections to the courts, John Roberts will deliver the result George Bush wants: a boot in the face of every voter who dared to vote for President Trump. There will be no repeat of the 9-0 Bush v. Gore opinion. We need far more than President Trump talking about the foreseeable disaster of mail-out vote fraud, which he keeps mislabeling as mail-in voting.

We need immediate administrative and litigation work that spells out the specific, historically documented threat of massive voter fraud and that seeks as a remedy a strict prohibition on issuing ballots to any person or address not validated this year as a live voter address. We simultaneously need to collectively get off our duffs and fight like we have a country to save.  I mean that we, you and I, have to be directly involved in getting every single possible real vote into the right box with the right candidates marked. Whatever the local rule, that is the game you and I must play or shut the federalism up!

As a casual fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), I have heard competent losers, after a bout went to the judges’ scorecard, say “I didn’t finish my opponent. You can never leave it in the judges’ hands.” Politics ain’t bean-ball, and there is no crying in presidential elections. Fight to win or don’t snivel about the results. It is not as if Democrats cheating is a new thing. As Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt wrote in the summer of July 2004, the election after Al Gore and the Palm Beach Democrats tried to steal the 2000 election, If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.” The rest of the title? “Crushing the Democrats in Every Election, and Why Your Life Depends on It.” Yes. When your opposition is the party of two steps forward and one step back, of Rules for Radicals and Das Kapital, it actually, no kidding, for real is a matter of physical life and death for many in our lifetimes and of liberty or reeducation camps for many more. Until we reconquer our own nation’s culture, them’s the rules.

Governors, Mayors, Congressional Republicans, and All That Jazz


Daniel Henninger in the WSJ, by way of the Dan Proft show, points to the lasting harm of our supposedly national experts’ response to the Chinese virus. The show and Henninger’s column point to a New York City jazz club owner of some renown in the jazz community. Michael “Spike” Wilner writes a weekly e-mail letter posted online from the SmallsLIVE Foundation. Reading this letter surfaces a key issue that governors and local leaders across the country are failing to address, inflicting far more harm than necessary. The massive financial fissure created by government leaders’ edicts and failure to own the consequences of their edicts is unpaid debt: rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax.

Martha McSally, the rest of the Republican Senators up for reelection, and Mitch McConnell own this as well. They have the power to drive legislation that Democrats could not oppose. They can include immediate refundable tax credits for all rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax forgiveness. Instead, they are printing money to paper around the edges of this financial fissure.

Here is the relevant portion of the SmallsLIVE Foundation newsletter [emphasis added]:

Wednesday news: Operations LeGend and Warpspeed


President Trump followed his strong Tuesday performance with two disciplined appearances on Wednesday. He hit both of the major themes the Democrats have hoped they would ride to victory in November. First, he finally took direct action on urban violence, which takes a terrible toll on black lives every year, and then he held another brief and forceful COVID-19 briefing at the end of the day. In the first instance, he had a series of other speakers, while he maintained solo control of the message in the Chinese virus briefing, to the open frustration of the media jackals. In both cases, he continued to show message discipline, an encouraging two data points that we may all pray turns into a trend.

The first briefing was on reviving and massively reinforcing federal law enforcement anti-gang programs under long-established federal law. President Trump was very somber in his tone and appearance. Attorney General Barr and even FBI Director Wray were there to emphasize the entirely established nature of the crime-fighting initiative. The “so what” was answered by heart-breaking stories told by survivors who still mourn the loss of entirely innocent family members to violent crime.

President Trump pointed out that some states and cities were asking for help, and others were not. He showed that he would no longer use the cover of federalism to stand aside while Americans are terrorized in their own communities. This has been a key complaint from his voter base and from those who he seeks to persuade to cross party lines this fall.

Leftist Lies Show Desperation


The left lies. Effortlessly. Some lies are clever and some clumsy. The McNews (USAToday) lie in the form of a “fact check” is Clouseau clumsy. It is desperate because President Trump seriously threatens the left’s lazy lock on voters with darker skin. See for yourself.

thug life America First

Run, Martha, Run!



Since your latest fundraising mailer invites me to first name you, and since you keep going back your retired military rank, let’s talk retired colonel to retired colonel. I wrote to you in June by your official email, USPS, and here, where your staff should certainly be scanning for mentions. Now I am writing via your campaign, and documenting the communication publicly so any real media and Republican Party staff can note the issue and engage your campaign. Time is extremely short, but a ground attack pilot should be able to get inside the DNC OODA loop.

Here is what I got and what I sent back to your campaign:

Mr. President, Be Best!


President Trump’s poorly aimed Tweet early Monday morning diminished a weekend worth of public goodwill. He must, for the first time, apologize. He must apologize or lose all. This ain’t 12-dimensional chess, and this isn’t 2016, as he recognized in his speeches this past weekend. Now he needs to Be Best! He was right to tweet against NASCAR, but erred badly in naming the only black driver in the top racing circuit rather than the Suits in the NASCAR boardroom. He needs to make this right before the week is out, and could win bigly in so doing.

Here are some of President Trump’s great words from Saturday’s Salute to America:

The more you lie, the more you slander, the more you try to demean and divide, the more we will work hard to tell the truth. And we will win. (Applause.) The more you lie and demean and collude, the more credibility you lose. We want to bring the country together, and a free and open media will make this task a very easy one. Our country will be united. After all, what do we want? We want a strong military, great education, housing, low taxes, law and order. We want safety, we want equal justice, we want religious liberty, we want faith and family, and living in a great communities and happy communities and safe communities. And we want great jobs and we want to be respected by the rest of the world; not taken advantage of by the rest of the world, which has gone on for decade after decade. We should all want the same thing. How can it be any different than those things?

Forget the Spin, Dig in and Work to Win


The spin all around us is calculated both to keep us clicking and to suppress our political activism. I get that it seems like institutions all around us are falling before the leftist mob. All is not as it seems.

Look, corporations, leaders, and staff in religious organizations were already on the left. Government officials were not intimidated, they were already allies with the leftists in the streets. We all know this from years of complaining about the craziness coming out of one city after another.

What matters is who shows up in sufficient numbers for the November election. Will people who hate having their store, their job, their neighborhood burnt and trashed show up and vote accordingly? Will other generations outvote the portion of the youngest voting generation that supports the madness?

President Trump Triple Play Thursday


AG BarrPresident Trump started Thursday, June 25, with First Lady Melania Trump at the Korean War Memorial. He then flew to Wisconsin, where he first participated in a 43-minute Fox News town hall out of an airport hanger. This was led by Sean Hannity, who was relatively subdued, mostly keeping himself out of the way. I created a partial transcript for your quick perusal. From the town hall, President Trump shifted gears and went to a shipyard, where he enjoyed praising American skilled labor. On the same day, he had his Attorney General on both leftist and conservative shows, addressing the issue of street violence and lawlessness. Taken as a whole, there are signs President Trump and his team are sorting out how to effectively respond to this June’s events. Can he get far enough ahead in the decision loop?

Listen to President Trump’s very reasonable position on protest, agitators, anarchists, and monuments. It is squarely in the heart of American public sensibility. Then hear him praise ship workers and point to a great new naval shipbuilding future in the heart of swing state country. As a side note, Vice President Pence was ranging over other battleground territory this week, praising auto workers in Ohio and dropping in on a police shift brief to praise them and their department. On the same day, Attorney General Barr seems to be moving in the correct direction on stopping left-wing domestic terrorism, as does the Freedom Caucus, but where are Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Minority Leader McCarthy?

An Open Letter to Martha McSally


Scales of Justice and Boots of TruthSenator McSally,

I want you to win this November, just as I wanted you to win in 2018. Sadly, tragically for our nation, it appears you are on track to be a two-time state-wide loser. That will be the end of your prospects for any position of influence going forward. It may also be the end of our republic. Please help us help you by being your best legislator and candidate. Act on the sustained real courage of Major McSally, flashes of which you have shown in the United States Senate. That way lies victory, if you tell your story true and get your story out by casting aside the counsel of caution, seizing every opportunity in every forum to engage with Arizonans.

You have a great personal story to tell, but the small piece of it that you were advised to hammer on, female A-10 pilot flying in combat, was not enough last time and is obviously not enough against an astronaut. The basic problem is linking this narrative to what you will do in the Senate and why people who are not entirely committed to voting their party line should think and feel favorably about you. You have a much more relevant and relatable story in your long fight for the Constitution and for basic human decency by the Pentagon leadership towards servicewomen.

Say It Again and Again: “All Black Lives Matter”


We are both rational and emotional beings, made in the image of a Creator who reveals both perfect knowledge and perfect feeling. We cannot engage each other in our marred imago Dei with “facts don’t care about your feelings,” because feelings are part of the facts of our nature. So it is that reeling off statistics is no real answer to “black lives matter.” We must answer the left’s deception with feelings that are made even stronger in a majority, or at least effective plurality, because the feelings we invoke are reinforced by facts agreed upon now by enough people.

Michael Knowles pointed out the need for an alternate emotional narrative on his podcast this week. He pointed out that no one disagrees with the innocuous claim that “black lives matter.” As an answer to the radical left’s manipulation of this phrase and associated feelings, he tossed out “support black lives” as a conversation starter.

Yes, we do need an effective counter-narrative, organized around a simple catchphrase. What is that phrase? “All lives matter” is not the answer, as it confronts and minimizes the feelings around “black lives matter.” Yes, we are all made in the image of our Creator, and bear his image imperfectly. Yes, believers are commanded not to be partial, not to treat each other differently based on ancestry or other non-moral characteristics. And, we cannot get to “all lives matter” when there is an effective narrative that we do not really believe this because America does not treat black lives as having equal worth with white lives. Stomping our feet, huffing, rolling our eyes at this is a loser strategy.

‘Let Them Eat Ice Cream’


Nancy Pelosi, second-time Speaker of the House, third in line to the presidency, gave two truly clueless interviews. Was it the Botox or the brain freeze from her favorite ice cream? Pelosi stood in front of a refrigerator that could easily be looked up. The price tag: $24,000. She opened the freezer section and gushed over pints of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, $12 a pint at their online store.*

On the same day, Nancy Pelosi boasted to MSNBC about blocking the refill of the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and their employees. She spoke to MSNBC while standing in front of that luxury refrigerator, stuffed full of very expensive ice cream.

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There are plenty of reasons why many Republicans, including President Trump, seem to favor Senator Bernie Sanders to emerge as the Democratic nominee. Some think he would be the easiest to defeat since he’s so far to the left. Others like the notion that he will harm down-ballot Democratic candidates who are forced to either […]

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This article has nothing to do with China. It has everything to do with the Democratic Party and more specifically the Establishment wing of the party. They have a problem, at least a perceived one. Senator Bernie Sanders is not fading away as they’d hoped. They desperately want him to and they’re playing every angle […]

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Watching the Democratic debate last night and reading the reactions from today have actually been entertaining endeavors, more so than previous debates. Perhaps my distaste for Mike Bloomberg fueled the enjoyment. I don’t like any of the remaining Democratic candidates (I liked Andrew Yang at least a little), but Bloomberg strikes an exceptionally foul chord, […]

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From NeverTrump to Humbled Supporter: A Journey of Faith


From NeverTrump to humbled supporter A journey of faith

For a few weeks, I’ve had an article brewing in my brain. It’s a follow-up to a previous article that I wrote, and I was pleased to read the new article last night. I didn’t write it, so I owe Western Chauvinist a debt of gratitude for not only writing what I was thinking, but doing it better than I would have. The article — “Reluctant Trump Christians, Where Is Your Confounding Love?” — is pretty much the defense I was planning on making as a follow-up to the Christian perspective for supporting our President.

I have a new wrinkle to add to the argument. I was a NeverTrumper. In fact, I was such an angry NeverTrumper that I left the GOP in July 2016, and started a new political party. Things were going extremely well as we surpassed 30,000 members very quickly, but I was blindsided by dissension from within that evicted me from the party I established. It hurt. I withdrew from politics and public society for several months.

Anti-Tobacco Fanatics Lie like a Cheap Rug


Yes. They lie. Their lies, coming from allegedly left and right (social conservative) positions, are swathed in “good intentions” and focus on “the children.” Yet, any citizen, any member of Congress, any judge, Article II or Article III, and any president who has merely been alert to their environment as they walked past, at least, a hotel bar, knows the basic claim is a flat-out lie. Why? See for yourself:

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Remember the good ol’ days when former Vice President Joe Biden was the Democratic frontrunner? Democrats clung to him against their own best judgment for several months based on subtle nudging from the party establishment and favorable coverage in mainstream media. Elizabeth Warren’s lies helped at a time when she started to look like a […]

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Counting the Cards in Nevada


President Trump is putting Nevada in play for the 2020 election. The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage project has always been a political hot potato and a hole in the ground into which Congress pours money. Senator Dean Heller, like Senator Reid before him, is opposed to the Yucca Mountain project, and there are likely not the votes to force the issue. Now the story in important Las Vegas news outlets is President Trump is on Nevada’s side.

This is very savvy. Presidents, Congress, and bureaucrats have been talking but never actually acting to use Yucca Mountain. Over decades, surely smarter answers have emerged than transporting and concentrating high-level nuclear waste in one location.