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Former Reagan Speechwriter, and Ricochet Co-Founder, Peter Robinson sits down with Dave Carter to discuss everything related to the 2020 Presidential Election. From the state of the voting public to journalistic subterfuge, from the strengths and weakness of both candidates to the reliability of various polls and polling methods, Peter and Dave take on practically every aspect of Campaign 2020. The dynamics of this engaging and enjoyable conversation travel from serious political analysis, to two guys sitting on the front porch, wondering why more people don’t understand history, and beseeching the kids to get off the lawn. Along the way, Peter offers a compelling list of what could happen in the event of a Biden victory (it’s safe to say that you need to hear this).

Then Dave welcomes Ricochet Member Brady Kiel (Herrforce1) to the program.  Brady, an Air Force Reservist, spent some time in Dave’s old line of work as an active duty military historian.  As you might imagine, the guys have a great time comparing notes and trading stories, experiences and reflecting on their military service.  From start to finish, this episode is loaded with compelling conversation and even a few laughs.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time with Dave and his guests.

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I am not a Trump voter so maybe I just don’t get it. But I think the focus by President Trump and conservative media on the Hunter Biden stories are a really, really, dumb strategy. This is not to say that it is a non-story. I think it is worth investigating and checking to see […]

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November 2020 and December 2019 Elections


Ballot boxA friend told me this weekend about his longtime neighbors, another data point in this unusual election season. This couple in their 80’s are lifelong Democrats. They voted for Ronald Reagan, and no other Republican ever. They voted for Hillary in 2016. Now they cannot wait to get to the polls and vote for President Trump. The political establishment, of both parties, and the whole lot of broadcast and cable media drove them to this point.

This octogenarian couple say it is because of the outrageous way President Trump has been treated every day since November 2016. It has been one long violation of our basic civic principles, a refusal to peacefully transfer power. This dyed-in-the-wool Democrat couple will vote for Trump as they voted for Reagan, to punish the bad behavior of the political class. 

This is the same as the British voters who stunned the political establishment last December. Voters who had voted NO on BREXIT were so disgusted by the outrageous contempt for the people’s voice, shown by the whole British political establishment, that they crushed Labour and rewarded Boris Johnson with an overwhelming victory in the UK 2019 General Election. No, the polls did not predict anything of the sort, and the leftist media were all in against Boris Johnson.

The Long March through the Ballot


Ballot boxIt is always a long march through the ballot in Arizona. This bug is the feature in a Progressive Era state, meaning a state whose constitution was ratified in the late 19th or early 20th Century. Long ballots were supposed to give more direct power over more offices by voters. In practice, we ended up with so many offices and issues that the ballot form is 19 inches long and double-sided. Therein lies a cautionary tale.

Since the ballot is so long, and because a number of the candidates fall below the national or even local political radar, I long ago registered for the Permanent Early Voting List. This means my ballot arrives in the mail approximately 30 days prior to election day. I was determined to vote for every Republican and no Democrat, so all the partisan offices, from Presidential to County Treasurer, were easy. I carefully filled in each appropriate bubble on the scan form ballot. So far, so good.

Now for the “non-partisan” offices, which are clearly nothing of the sort in this day and age. We have all experienced power plays by all manner of local officials. We know that schools have been entirely politicized. So, attention is needed.

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Why should not Spanish language media and Spanish speaking Americans not be like the German language press and public in 1776? President Trump issued a standard annual proclamation for October 6 as German-American Day. This proclamation praised an ethnic group’s contributions and had nothing negative to say about America. I was struck by remarks crediting […]

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Project Vertitas Protecting Election; DOJ and FBI AWOL


Ballot boxThe FBI and DOJ are still infested with enemies of the Republic and the Constitution they falsely swore to defend. Little more than a month before a momentous general election, with early voting already underway in many states, the FBI and DOJ are busy looking away and throwing up smoke about foreign interference and voter suppression, a DNC talking point to cover real fraud. The FBI and DOJ know the true enemy of free and fair elections has always been within, not external. They have assiduously avoided the basics of busting upvoting fraud. We know this for a fact because Project Veritas had no problem getting a Democrat operation, complete with a carload of paid for ballots, a party operative, and voters saying on video they were paid to hand over their ballot.

Project Veritas documented federal election fraud in Ilhan Omar’s district. We can help across the nation, putting pressure on the Feds now. If you or a friend are in or around senior communities, low-income communities, or college communities, keep an eye out and alert others to do the same with their smartphones.

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If you are not watching over the air waves, by satellite, or cable, you still have good options. If you want your debate straight, no spin or filler, go with C-SPAN. You can watch the debate live via embedded video on C-SPAN.org. C-SPAN also has a YouTube channel, so if you have YouTube access, your […]

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President Trump in sprint mode is not much different than normal mode. He held another daily press briefing this Sunday, taking 37 minutes, as I clock it. It looks like he took questions from about 7 reporters, mostly hostile, as usual. Contrast this with Senator Biden’s scripted appearances, always assisted by the media wing of […]

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Ep. 256 – Bestselling Author Lee Smith @LeeSmithDC discusses how the Trump Russia collusion hoax, the bogus impeachment charges, “weaponizing COVID-19”, the coordinated riots laying waste to US cities, the two-tier justice systems, and vote-by-mail election fraud is all part of THE PERMANENT COUP.  Then at @37:00:  Last year #1 New York Times bestselling Author Kyle Mills @KyleMillsAuthor presciently wrote about Coronavirus and now joins us to discuss his latest Vince Flynn novel TOTAL POWER which deals the entire US power grid being taken out by terrorists throwing America into chaos for a year. After California’s recent power outages, we must ask how would the country survive without electricity for weeks, months or even a year?

Even Softballs Are Tough for Sleepy Joe to Hit


Watching Joe Biden’s presser the other day, I was interested when he was asked a question about school reopening, and what his plan was to keep students safe and allow parents to get back to work.

Millions of parents, across the country, are facing the very impossible task of trying to work full time and help their children full time to learn virtually. What is your message to these parents, and what can you do to help them while you work to reopen schools?

The Left’s Path to Ruin


This is what a losing campaign looks like. The Democrat party, who never took a full accounting of their 2016 disastrous election, who have been mollycoddled by echo chamber blue check marked journactivists™, who spent the last four years digging for phantom truffles Adam Schiff swore he saw in fake Russian dirt, who enabled rioters, arsonists and violent looters to burn down our businesses and cities while diminishing our heroes — have awoken the usually disinterested moderate middle.

If the current trajectory continues, November 3 may be the Democrats’ day of infamy. What only a couple of months ago would have been unthinkable may actually be happening; the Left is taking the path to ruin.

Much of November and December will then be filled with post-mortems of Election 2020 (assuming we are not awaiting corrupt mail-in ballots). If the Oberlin graduates who will pen these hindsight pieces wish to actually write something relevant beyond the redundant “deplorables, racists, and misogynists, oh my!”, they may want to understand why (if the election were to be held today) the Orange Man bad fad will continue another four glorious years.

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While Democrat cities continue to burn and bleed, and Democrats refuse to denounce their street operatives’ violence, President Trump and Attorney General Barr offer every American a choice, not an echo. On Monday, President Trump went to Yuma, Arizona and stood outside in 120 degree heat, under the desert sun, demonstrating his ability to coherently […]

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Every Election and Every Office Matters: Energy Edition


Solar scam corporation commissionEvery election and every office matters. Every American eligible to vote knows this now. We have all been affected by the decisions, the proclamations, of officials from city hall to federal agencies we hardly knew. Pay attention to signs and statements, from local campaign signs to the national party platforms. Consider the case of energy policy, with the examples of California, Arizona, and the Democrats’ national platform. California’s blackouts illuminate the stakes for all of us.


California is the largest and most advanced environmental leftist experiment among the fifty “laboratories of democracy.” They have starved their own residents of both water and power, steadfastly blocking new power generation and water storage, while shutting down disfavored power plants like they send millions of gallons of water flowing past parched farmland into the sea. Governor Newsom is entirely unrepentant, along with the Democrat super-majority in the state legislature, avoiding blame for California blackouts.

Erick Erickson, Editor at http://TheResurgent.com and Host at WSB Radio, joins Dave to discuss the Democratic National Convention, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, what happened to his buddy Joe Scarborough, the upcoming debates, Never Trump and the Lincoln Project, Laura Loomer and Steve Bannon. Find Erick on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EWErickson.

Ep. 252 – EVAN SAYET, Comedian, Author & Speaker discusses THE WOKE SUPREMACY, his latest book on cancel culture, the death of comedy, today’s Left, the deep state and are we in a Civil War? Then @35:08 JOE COLLINS For Congress, Candidate for CA-43 who’s running against Maxine Waters. Joe discusses being a Black Conservative, Diversity of Thought, Kamala Harris, and Ballot Harvesting in California. Find Evan and his books at http://EvanSayet.com and support Joe at http://JoeCollinsforCongress.com.

Operation Legend and Middle East Peace at Trump Speed


President TrumpOn Wednesday, July 23, 2020, President Trump hosted the grieving mother of LeGend Taliferro at the White House. In Charron Powell’s presence, on camera, Attorney General Barr promised to deliver justice for her slain 4-year-old son, LeGend. Today, August 13, 2020, Attorney General Barr announced the arrest of a suspect in LeGend Taliferro’s murder.

Barr is making federal law enforcement work at Trump speed to stem the bleeding on our cities’ streets. Just after Biden offered a leftist elite woman with just the right level of melanin and ancestry, President Trump delivered real justice for an African-American child and his heartbroken mother. And Trump’s administration delivered this on the same day as this supposed chaotic, supposedly inferior administration delivered peace in the Middle East between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Both of these accomplishments come the day after Secretary of State Pompeo spoke in Prague, rallying Europeans against the present danger of the Chinese Communist Party’s malign influence in Europe. Elections have very real consequences.

Here is what Attorney General Barr promised late last month for Operation LeGend:

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I offer two news items about the Biden campaign in the form of a shot and a chaser. The shot is about orders given the Democrat propaganda praetorian guard. The chaser is about American voters’ perception of Joe Biden’s health. Shot: Candy Manor Gin: Candy Manor is a light, floral spirit with pronounced notes of […]

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The gang is all back. This week, Jay, Seth, Grant, and Park talk about the 2020 election. Specifically:

  • The current polling
  • The latest on Biden’s potential running mate
  • How the press will treat Biden once it gets into crunch time
  • The problems with mail-in voting and the warnings of election malfeasance by Trump and the Democrats

Also, baseball season started and the guys talk about what they think and if any of them like the digitized crowds that Fox is inserting into stadiums that are actually empty.

Every Election and Office Matters: Arizona Schools Edition


Election and education Who we elect, through our actions and inaction, matters. This old truth has been brought to mind by government officials’ use of the latest Chinese virus. The most recent example of this is the top elected Arizona official in charge of K-12 education trying to stop schools from opening, but in reality until after the election.

We Arizona voters made the terrible mistake of electing a Democrat Superintendent of Education in 2018. Naturally, Kathy Hoffman is acting on befall of her party and the leftist teacher’s unions. While mouthing perfunctory pieties about special needs children and nutrition programs, she is firmly on the side of keeping children and parents tied down at home until after the election, all in the false name of safety.

Our Republican governor and his top doctor, a sad reflection of the national failure of supposed public health leaders, have much work to do in informing the public of real medical data, quantifying the harm inflicted on school children’s brain development and general health from the school closures. Indeed, President Trump needs to force that public discussion with a serious expansion of the medical experts advising and briefing him and the nation. He must get out of his self-justification for being deceived at the beginning by the most senior federal health officials. After all, he has already pointed to making good decisions that went against early “medical expert” advice. Now he needs to make terribly clear the carnage of the Fauci Fraud while noting Tony is limited by his narrow specialty and just could not see all the rest of medical science affecting his recommendations.