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Manhattan Institute fellow Robert VerBruggen joins Brian Anderson to discuss the Biden administration’s executive actions on student debt, the growing higher-education bubble, and the enduring relevance of Charles Murray’s work on social policy.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Clinton: Let’s Do For Education What Obamacare Did For Health Care


imageProbably the simplest description of Obamacare is that it took all the worst aspects of the American healthcare system — the artificially restricted markets, the disincentives to purchase care or insurance directly, the mandates some states imposed on the kinds of packages available, etc. — and doubled-down on them. As a result, healthcare is more expensive, restricted, regulated, and complicated than ever before. Despite years of salesmanship and meddling, the president’s signature legislation has yet to crack a positive approval rating, and currently has support of just 41 percent of Americans.

That Hillary Clinton wants to do essentially the same thing for American higher education is one of those things that is simultaneously amazing and wholly unsurprising. From the New York Times:

Under the plan, which was outlined by Clinton advisers on Sunday, about $175 billion in grants would go to states that guarantee that students would not have to take out loans to cover tuition at four-year public colleges and universities. In return for the money, states would have to end budget cuts to increase spending over time on higher education, while also working to slow the growth of tuition, though the plan does not require states to cap it.

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The General Court of NH (the state legislature) is considering a bill to copy California’s “Affirmative Consent” law.  This is an un-Constitutional, guilty-if-I-want-you-to-be “law”.  Talk about the uptight town elders from Footloose…  It is disgusting that any legislators from the state with the motto “Live Free or Die” would seriously consider such a travesty.  The so-called […]

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PSA: Don’t Let Your Children Be Art Majors at Murray State — Troy Senik


Over the past few years, as anxiety about the value proposition of college has spread, there have been increasing calls for transparency in higher education, such as the 2012 proposal by Senators Marco Rubio and Ron Wyden to make data about employment and earnings for graduates available to the public.

While that proposal is still floating around Congress, the folks at the Atlantic have done some of the spadework, releasing data earlier today on the most and least lucrative colleges and majors. Here’s what they found.