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States Discover Massive Fraud in Unemployment Claims


Countless Americans have found themselves suddenly jobless and counting on unemployment insurance payments, but massive fraud has been revealed across multiple states, totaling millions, if not billions of taxpayer dollars. Gov. Hogan of Maryland noticed a massive influx of “out-of-state” claims during the pandemic. In an effort to get relief to the citizens of his state, claims were being processed and expedited at a rapid rate, but there was clearly something wrong. They discovered $501 million dollars in fraudulent claims along with growing evidence that the sophisticated efforts involved stealing the personal information of citizens and could possibly be national and even international in origin.

Now twelve other states are also investigating, and the number is growing.

According to the governor, the scheme was detected over the July Fourth weekend when the Maryland Department of Labor noticed a spike in out-of-state Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claims. The agency immediately froze all out-of-state accounts and ultimately blocked payment to more than 47,500 bogus claims totaling $501 million.

‘Let Them Eat Ice Cream’


Nancy Pelosi, second-time Speaker of the House, third in line to the presidency, gave two truly clueless interviews. Was it the Botox or the brain freeze from her favorite ice cream? Pelosi stood in front of a refrigerator that could easily be looked up. The price tag: $24,000. She opened the freezer section and gushed over pints of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, $12 a pint at their online store.*

On the same day, Nancy Pelosi boasted to MSNBC about blocking the refill of the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and their employees. She spoke to MSNBC while standing in front of that luxury refrigerator, stuffed full of very expensive ice cream.

How Much Does Dr. Fauci Really Care?


Dennis Prager spoke the hard truth Monday morning: Dr. Fauci is a lifelong government employee with a salary and benefits package perfectly insulated from the economic consequences of his words. He has absolutely no skin in the game. If Dr. Fauci truly believes it is necessary to put hourly workers, waiters, bartenders, and small businesses out of work, destroying them economically, then let him and the head of the CDC ante up.

Dr. Fauci’s easiest path is completely shutdown of our economy, doing maximum damage to people who were just starting to see real success and a brighter future. He can claim noble motives, even as he seeks to avoid blame for early failures. Words of concern and supposed sympathy tripping off a career bureaucrat’s lips ring hollow and are bitter to those he ruins.

So, President Trump needs to put this to the coronavirus crew immediately, giving them the chance to volunteer giving up their salaries until the federal guidelines no longer limit American jobs. Then, if they push back, he needs to drop it on them in front of the cameras. Let’s all see their real faces and real positions when they are made to live with the real consequences of their words.

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Mate De has a post up- http://ricochet.com/is-something-brewing/#comments My concern is that our humongous debt, nearly $20 trillion, and our obstinate unwillingness to confront it, may be leading to a calamity. I’m  inclined to assume that if  (or when?) the US has a Latin American-style debt crisis, the left’s response will mirror that of Argentine President Kirchner. […]

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