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Much of the media class (to us a convenient shorthand) doesn’t genuinely love this country—at least not the country as we have known it.  They’ll tell us that they love what this country “might become,” or that they love some of the things for which this country supposedly stands. Ultimately, though, they’ll mitigate their pseudo-patriotism with […]

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Vox Indicts Jeb Bush for Manslaughter


imageJeb Bush has few defenders on the right. Both his family name and a number of ill-advised statements have left him on the outs with much of the Republican base. His defeat in the primaries will be lamented by few outside of a fairly small donor class in the GOP. As eager as I am to see his campaign left in smoking ruins, there are limits to the bounds of legitimate criticism.

As you may have guessed, the left’s best and brightest at Vox know no such boundaries. The world’s foremost explainers of things that require little-to-no explanation have published a piece by one Dylan Matthews that essentially accuses Jeb Bush of manslaughter because he doesn’t give enough money to charity. No, really.

Jeb Bush could be saving dozens of lives every year