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Maternal Inadequacy and a Musical Son


I’m not a music person. I’m just not. Yes, I used to play the piano. Still do, when I happen across one, but otherwise? I barely even listen to music on the radio anymore.

I wouldn’t have said that my children’s dad was especially musical either, yet somehow we managed to produce Peter. Who has been working on, working with, working toward music — specifically the drums — since he was about 11 years old.

Is he any good at it? I don’t know. Even when I do listen to the radio, I listen to classical (specifically Baroque). Left to my own devices, I would never listen to whatever it is that Peter’s band does … though when I go to hear his band play, I am mesmerized. All the wild energy that made Peter a difficult boy to have in the house or for that matter in one’s uterus (he was always Peter, right from the get-go!) make him compelling on stage — unless that’s just maternal devotion talking?