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Jesse Watters of Watters World just did a segment on people asking him what is going on with Drudge, and why his headlines have turned negative towards President Trump. I noticed the same thing for some time. I used to start my day on line for news updates as follows: Drudge Report, Watch.org and Ricochet […]

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Glenn Reynolds: Instapundit on Media Bias, CNN, Loretta, and Bill


Glenn ReynoldsGlenn Reynolds is one of the most important folks in the news. He runs Instapundit (now a PJMedia.com property), which provides newsworthy articles and content reported across mainstream media, Drudge Report, and many other outlets. Glenn and his team have a knack for picking the stories he knows people will be interested in. His site, created in 2001, has millions of loyal readers. Glenn is an author and law professor who has written for law reviews at several universities, including Columbia and Harvard. His articles have appeared in all the major daily newspapers as well as Fox News and MSNBC and he is currently a Contributor to USA Today.