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Dear Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio, Thursday night’s debate was a trainwreck. Neither of you won the debate, the Republican Party didn’t win, and the people of our nation didn’t win. Donald Trump… he fared pretty well. As did Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich. Preview Open

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Among Presidential Wannabes, the Hero Is…


the-heroic-heartIf my colleague Peter Robinson had a Homeric epithet associated with his name, as the bard often dubbed Achilles “the swiftest runner,” Peter’s would be “the provocative questioner.” At the end of an excellent Ricochet podcast with the gang last week in which I talked about the themes in my new book, The Heroic Heart, Peter asked me, first, who in the Democratic presidential field and, second, who among the Republicans might best be considered a hero.

For my answer on the Democratic side, I noted that although I thoroughly disagree with the substance of his convictions, Bernie Sanders has been an unabashed and unapologetic advocate for his version of “democratic socialism” over a political career that has spanned more than three decades. So at least we have in Sanders a man with the courage of his convictions.

Answering Peter on the GOP side turned out to be a much bigger challenge. I noted that when Donald Trump looks in the mirror, he certainly sees a hero looking back. But that’s not the real test. Then came a sequence of “uh,” “uhh,” “uhhhh” from my mouth as an indication of my mind’s evident bafflement in search of a GOP hero among that bunch. I finally averred that I just couldn’t get past John McCain, a true American hero (notwithstanding Trump’s cranky fulminations to the contrary).