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The Don…and the Donbass


When The Godfather opened, fifty years ago this month, one thing that really made it hit home to so many Americans, especially “white ethnics” like me, and probably many of you, was its sense of rough urban justice; when crime is out of control and the police can’t or won’t protect you, there’s a strongman who’ll stand up for you and avenge the humiliations and injustices you’ve suffered, even if there’s always a price to be paid.

That was New York City in the Seventies; painfully aware of how far it had fallen, aware and bitter about how much of it had been the city’s own fault, defensive and angry about having it rubbed in our faces by outsiders.

All Is Not Quiet on the Eastern Front


As we focus on our own problems in the United States, the Russian war against Ukraine continues. There is also a cold war between a Russian proxy, Belarus, against Poland and Lithuania that involves immigration.

Belarus invites Middle East immigrants to come to Belarus. Belarus then deposits these immigrants on the Polish and Lithuanian borders and tries to force them to cross into Poland and Lithuania. The goal is to destabilize two NATO nations.