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Donald Trump has proven once again that he doesn’t have the temperament to hold our nation’s highest office. Attacking veterans, Hispanics and women demonstrates a serious lack of character and basic decency, and his comments distract from serious issues facing our country. Another RINO squish attacks the great conservative hope , The Donald. Preview Open

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America needs a demagogue. This has long been the case, but it is not easy for Americans to find one, because of the political process that is so strangely influenced or even dominated by national parties the which are not creatures of the constitution, but of the politicians. It used to be, victorious generals could […]

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I respect strong men, and I’m thankful to know some.  Men who carry guns, are willing to take risks, are not easily intimidated, and have no use for political correctness.  Men who will hold the door for a woman and stand ready to defend her in case of need.  Men who have the self-confidence and dignity to treat a […]

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Economic Debate: Kasich, Rubio, Bush Up — But Trump’s Protectionism is the Real Downer


DebateWith a record 24 million people watching the GOP debate, you’d think there would have been a lot more time spent on the most important issue of the day: the economy. Look at any poll. Jobs and the economy are always at the top of the list. But there was barely a mention of this on Thursday night.

The Republican party is not going to win this election unless it persuades the electorate that its primary principles of low marginal tax rates, lighter regulation, free trade, and a sound dollar are the best path to growth. Call it free-market capitalism. Call it supply-side. Call it entrepreneurship. Call it take-home pay. But the endgame is growth and prosperity.

So let’s make this very simple. Like almost every election in American history, 2016 is going to be about growth versus redistribution, private-sector markets and competition versus government planning, and a hard reliable dollar versus a protectionist collapse of the greenback.

Fox News’ GOP Debate: Ratings Magnate


AilesMurdochAn audience of 24 million watched last night’s Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News, according to figures released this afternoon by Nielsen. That’s more viewers than any non-sports event in the history of cable television. Included are 7.9 million in the Adults 25-54 demographic sought by advertisers in the news demo.

Past primary debates with high ratings typically happened closer to the actual voting, an audience of 7.63 million in Iowa on December 12, 2011, and 7.53 million on January 5, 2008 in Manchester, N.H., both on ABC.

More than tripling the best audience of a broadcast competitor, and doing so in the normally low-rated midsummer season is a major triumph for Fox News and CEO Roger Ailes. Over-delivery against probable ad agency estimates makes FNC look like a great bargain for advertisers and media buyers alike, and bodes well for pricing of the network in the upcoming campaign season. Expect much back-slapping among agency media buyers who put their clients in the broadcast.

My Informed Commentary about Donald Trump and Mexico


mexico_immigr_ap_imgListening to Donald Trump verbally assault Mexico disgusts me to the point of illness. There are problems with and in Mexico, but his characterization of it is a grotesque parody of the real situation. His rants are nonsense, and he is a vile man.

My comments are informed because I am a retired Foreign Service Consular officer who spent two tours — four years — at our Embassy in Mexico City. Unlike Trump, I have first-hand knowledge of Mexico, its immigration patterns and economics, and have travelled extensively through the country.

I am in no way in favor of illegal immigration (most consular officers aren’t) and do not turn a blind eye to the problems that mass immigration brings.  But I understand why Jeb Bush says that these people are motivated by love. They are in a difficult position in Mexico and want to improve themselves by working in the United States. Leaving to work in another country is difficult. (But that doesn’t mean that we should let them; we have no need for more unskilled laborers, and Scott Walker is spot-on on this point.)

The Trump Debate Corner


Donald-Trump-angry (1)A lot happened at the main debate tonight, but let’s focus on Trump on this thread, because, face it: He’s probably the reason most people tuned in.

I didn’t watch the debate; I listened to it from my computer, on Ricochet. From just of one of his answers alone, Trump came out looking as bad as I’d imagined him to be. I’ll dissect it and some more to show you why.

First, his answer to Megan Kelly when she asked him about his rude comments about women just made him sound angry. By the end, he seemed to be attacking Megan just for asking the question.

Advice to Trump: Pull a Crazy Ivan


CrazyIvan_Logo Back in the day — long before Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War with determination, character, and sheer personal strength — Russian submarine commanders had a signature maneuver called “the Crazy Ivan.” Essentially, it meant doing something sharp and unexpected, like a hard turn to port or starboard, or another course change that wasn’t anticipated by American or NATO submarine hunters on the surface.

There will be a lot a tense and coiled-up candidates on the platform during today’s debate. They’ll be nervous and maybe even a little over-prepared for whatever curveball the frontrunner, Donald Trump, decides to pitch.

So, what if he doesn’t? What if he pulls a Crazy Ivan and simply presents his ideas in a moderate and statesmanlike fashion instead? What if he spends his television time presiding over the proceedings, complimenting Scott Walker, say, on his union reforms, or Jeb Bush on his Florida record? What if he acts like a relaxed and confident grown-up who knows he’s way, way ahead-in-the-polls? What if, in other words, he acts like he’s already president?

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Yes, it’s short-sighted, but before worrying about the general election Jeb Bush has a primary to win.  And right now, it looks like Trump is helping him: Privately, Mr. Bush’s top strategists, who have become increasingly fixated on halting Mr. Walker, believe that Mr. Trump is nothing short of a godsend. That is because Mr. Trump is […]

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Donald Trump, Supply-Sider?



shutterstock_283689917Is Donald Trump a supply-sider? In his still young presidential campaign, he has said several times that he wants to be the “jobs president.” In his announcement speech, he put it this way: “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

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A wise Teacher gathered his disciples about him and told them this parable: There once was a man who bought a radio. He noticed the volume knob was labeled thus: Quiet. Medium. Loud. Extremely Loud. Jet Engine-Loud. Eardrum Rupturing-Loud. Kill You Instantly-Loud. Preview Open

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Perhaps this Man Should Not Be President of the United States


Okay, folks, all kidding aside, this Trump thing has gone too far.

Tim Mak is a good reporter. I was once on a press junket with him, and I saw someone who took a great deal of care to get the facts right. This piece — ostensibly about rumors that Donald Trump raped his ex-wife, Ivana — contains what I trust to be an accurate quote from Michael Cohen, special counsel at The Trump Organization:

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You may have seen Mike Huckabee’s interview at Breitbart where he, let’s say, took issue with the President’s Iranian arms deal: “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the […]

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Three C-SPAN Videos Relevant to 2016



The C-SPAN Video Library includes a unique archive of conversation about politics and policy. Here are three author interviews with particular relevance to the 2016 campaign, each in a different way.

Ann Coulter’s interview summarizes her new book, Adios America, which has already impacted the race, and not just by influencing Donald Trump’s campaign. Coulter delves into the sensitive subject of exactly who the “undocumented” are, and whence they came. Her claim is that while past generations arrived legally with ambition and a taste for freedom, we are now being deluged with less productive peasants with an appetite for government benefits.

On the Arrogance of Republican Party “Experts”


Several years back I worked for a state Republican Party running a Victory Center, or local campaign headquarters. I devoted more to that job than I had to any job prior and more than I have to any job since.  The hours were nine to nine Monday through Friday, nine to five on Saturdays, and near election day several hours on Sundays. Initially, I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to contribute to a cause about which I cared very much.  Moreover, it didn’t hurt my ego to be interacting on a regular basis with people I had regularly seen on television and their close advisors.

During my initial state of humility, I found myself taking in every bit of knowledge the “experts” for whom I worked imparted to me.  When I was told to do something, I did it, and did it as well as I could without question.

Why Is the Republican Base Upset?


I think there are many reasons why the Republican base is upset, and it is correct to be upset. I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and I am not sure at this point whether Mr. Trump will continue his candidacy until there is a nominee for the presidency or will discontinue his campaign before that. Donald Trump himself may not be sure what he will do at this point. However, any Republican politician who does not understand why Trump appeals to some voters in their constituency will regret it in the results of the 2016 elections.

I think I understand why The Donald appeals to many in the Republican base, but I’m not sure what to do about it in order to keep Hillary Clinton from being elected. Certainly, criticizing your base or potential voters is not a winning strategy for Trump’s opponents when those voters have reached a tipping point. Individual voters may have different tipping points, but without ranking them in importance here are my candidates for why people are saying “we have had enough.” Which significant ones have I overlooked?

Donald Trump Visits Laredo, Texas


Earlier today, Donald Trump visited my birthplace of Laredo, Texas, a city which was founded by my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Tomás Sánchez de la Barrera y Garza in 1755.   Here is a video of Trump’s press conference in Laredo:

Questions for a Consultant, or, Paging Rick Wilson


RickWilsonIn his excellent post, my friend and Ricochet member The King Prawn, directed my attention toward a handy article authored by Ricochet Contributor and Political Consultant Rick Wilson. I’ve had a few brief exchanges with Rick and I like him. He’s always impressed me as a straight shooter, earnest, affable, experienced, and capable of communicating without the sneering derision we’ve come to expect from others in his profession.

His latest, Trump Voters Are Hillary’s New Best Friends, is a well-written piece that features an itemized list of reasons Trump will crater and why his supporters are unwittingly aiding the opposition. In the interest of opening a dialogue between two factions that seem diametrically opposed at times, I’d like to pose a few questions to Rick that his article raises, to wit:

Donald Trump is not running a real campaign. He is working the phones, stirring the pot and using the media ecosystem to its fullest. Soon, the bolder members of the field will follow Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in making harder and more decisive strokes against him. Unlike Trump, they’ll use real oppo, tested and targeted messages—ads built not just to cut, but to kill. They’ll break his operational tempo, get inside his OODA loop and turn his circus into a crispy ruin. It’s what real campaigns do.

Happy Rick Day!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.27.32 AMIn the world of presidential politics, today is clearly the day of guys named Rick. To start with, Ricochet’s own Rick Wilson published a piece in Politico detailing why “Trump Voters Are Hillary’s New Best Friends.” The article lit up social media and included the likes of Jon Gabriel posting pictures of nuclear explosions. The whole thing is worth reading, but I found his fourth point to be the most persuasive:

4. You don’t care about his record. It’s an ideological train-wreck of epic proportions if you care about any conservative values. He’s been pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax hikes, pro-single-payer and is a past master of crony capitalism, to say nothing of his political and financial support for the Clintons and Barack Obama. It’s a mess. You’d never give any other candidate the benefit of the doubt on such a wide portfolio of positions that have changed 180 degrees and back again so many times. And yet, I imagine you can drill into Marco Rubio’s or Jeb Bush’s or even Scott Walker’s record for some sign of apostasy that you can never, ever, ever forgive.

Above and beyond anything else, Trump’s lack of conservatism — irrespective of his current bombast — should be the focus of Republican and conservative primary voters. If there is an actual RINO in this race, it is Trump. If we want someone who represents us, our party, and our ideals we must look elsewhere. Sure, he says a few things we may agree with, and he may say them in a way that gets our blood flowing and puts us in a fighting mood, but consider whether or not he believes what he says enough to lead the party into the fray. Judging by the convoluted smorgasbord of positions he’s held, the politicians and causes he’s given money and lip-service to in the past, Trump is not a fit head for this body politic. We are being conned by a reality television celebrity. Think about that while you read the way Wilson put it: