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Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, comes out next week. With the release of some snippets come the revelation of Trump admitting to Woodward he played down the coronavirus to stave off a panic. Does that excuse fly? And what of the criticisms of Woodward that if he knew about all of this, why not release it sooner instead of waiting for the book to come out?

Grant, Jay, Park, and Seth discuss all of that in addition to the continued Phase 2 “reopening” of Washington D.C., the return of the NFL, and the weekly picks from the latest issue of the Washington Examiner magazine!

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  I received a video recording of a mama and three bears at a neighbor’s, located across the street from a beach house that I manage. The mama bear was huge, straddling the back fence, with her snout facing a delicious bird feeder. The family who spotted her grabbed the camera. The audio says “there’s […]

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In this episode, Dave Carter turns the tables on Whiskey Politics’ proprietor and frequent Real Side Radio host Dave Sussman by interviewing the guy who is usually asking questions of others. Along the way we learn that the current mass exit of people from the progressive utopia of California means that, A) U-Haul trucks are impossible to reserve, and B) too many of California’s evacuees bring their political beliefs with them and end up voting for the same policies that wrecked the place they left. The two Daves also discuss voter trends in the African American community and the prospects for the Biden Campaign, before moving on to speculate on the best way to deal with rioters and protestors who block public roads.

Dave also welcomes Ricochet Charter Member Brian Watt to discuss his recent articles addressing the similarities of the 2020 presidential election with the elections of 1968 and 1972, before explaining how the election could be derailed or even hijacked by mail-in ballot mischief.  We believe you’ll find the discussion, and the entire podcast for that matter, fascinating and entertaining.

Back to the regularly scheduled broadcast!

On this show, Seth, Park, Grant, and Jay discuss Joe Biden’s speech addressing protest violence, how the media narrative shifted to cover the protests, and whether or not Biden’s speech is more effective for quelling violence or for his campaign.

To the Media: You’re in Trouble


Ann Dorn

Working out at the gym this morning, I decided to torture myself watching one of the cable networks on TV. It was clear that MSNBC was following its usual agenda of attacking Donald Trump after his speech last night. Their game plan was to “fact check” the things he said. I don’t normally watch the station, but I was puzzled, then hopeful that their reporting might make a positive difference—for Republicans.

The first thing I noticed is that they weren’t fact-checking. They were weeding out the hopeful statements that Trump was making about the future. For example, they ridiculed his comment that there would be a vaccine by the end of the year—maybe even before then. Since I assume that they don’t use a crystal ball to conduct their fact-checking, why would they call that a lie? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t know?

The Republican National Convention is over, Trump made his case for a second term and the country is in the middle of shootings, riots, lootings and not to mention, a pandemic.

Did Trump make the case for a second term? And how does the violence playing out across the country factor into the campaign and who does it hurt more? Biden? Trump?

RNC Night 4 Wrap-up


The last night of the Republican National Convention blew the past three days out of the water. The party unleashed a barrage of powerful moments, from heartbreaking to inspirational. Team Trump threw so much into it; by the end, I think I saw a kitchen sink tumbling across the White House lawn.

I’ll stick to the highlights or this post will be 5,000 words long. As with the rest of the convention, the RNC pushed hard for the African-American vote. White House advisor Ja’Ron Smith vouched for Trump’s character and the need for hard work. Alice Johnson, whose life sentence was commuted by the President, praised his groundbreaking support for criminal justice reform.

For being the most racisty racists in the history of racism, I’ve never seen a more diverse array of speakers at an RNC. It’s not even close.

This week James reports in from an undisclosed location (his evil genius lair, no doubt) and he and Toby review the week’s doings, from the latest on the Covid lockdowns to the foolishness of the multi-culti wokeness of the BBC and their plans for this year’s Proms.

We get their views on the Biden-Harris ticket (or is that Harris-Biden?) and the prospect of Donald Trump’s re-election, plus our cultural reviews, highlighted by the very disappointing Greyhound with Tom Hanks on AppleTV.

Erick Erickson, Editor at http://TheResurgent.com and Host at WSB Radio, joins Dave to discuss the Democratic National Convention, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, what happened to his buddy Joe Scarborough, the upcoming debates, Never Trump and the Lincoln Project, Laura Loomer and Steve Bannon. Find Erick on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EWErickson.

Slim topic on this podcast. Seth, Park, Grant, and Jay mostly discuss the speeches given by Kamala Harris and Joe Biden as well as what their campaign will look like coming out of the convention and if Biden will maintain his center-left posture or fall to the very online mindset.

The guys also offer up a preview of what they think Trump will talk about in his speech next week.

COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests have turned race and racism into hot topics in both the United States and China. Throughout the pandemic, President Trump has been condemned as a racist for labeling the coronavirus “Kung Flu,” “China virus,” and “Wuhan virus.”

Meanwhile, protestors and rioters throughout the country—from New York to Minneapolis to Portland—have been violently assailing America as one big racist enterprise for the past two plus months. China has eagerly fanned this narrative to deflect criticisms of its human rights abuses.

Joe Biden made his choice for a running mate and it’s Kamala Harris. There wasn’t much surprise behind the pick as Biden said he’d choose a woman and after the George Floyd protests, Biden had pressure to choose a woman of color. Seth, Jay, Park, and Grant discuss the following:

  • What does it do for Biden’s campaign?
  • How will Trump go after them and since he can’t control his worst impulses, will it screw things up?
  • How will Biden and Harris deflect away from the move the Democratic Party made to the left in the last 5-6 years?
  • What will the focus of the Democratic national convention be?

Finally, the guys offer up their picks of the week from the latest issue of the magazine!

Ricochet Replay: A Night with John Yoo


For those of you who couldn’t make our live broadcast, we present A Night with John Yoo.

John spends an hour+ with Ricochet Editor Emeritus Troy Senik to talk about his new book, “Defender in Chief,” to reminisce about clerking on the Supreme Court and his time in the Bush 43 Administration and legacy as “the torture memo lawyer.”

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Debates are one of the great traditions of American elections. Having been involved in some 35 congressional elections in 25 states over my 43-year career, I’ve been involved in dozens of them. I negotiated debate formats with opposing campaigns and media organizations. I prepped and peppered candidates with issues and questions. And I even played […]

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The gang is all back. This week, Jay, Seth, Grant, and Park talk about the 2020 election. Specifically:

  • The current polling
  • The latest on Biden’s potential running mate
  • How the press will treat Biden once it gets into crunch time
  • The problems with mail-in voting and the warnings of election malfeasance by Trump and the Democrats

Also, baseball season started and the guys talk about what they think and if any of them like the digitized crowds that Fox is inserting into stadiums that are actually empty.

If You Vote Biden, You Endorse the FBI Spying on the President


You are voting for Biden. You need to admit that you are ok with the FBI spying on Trump. You are ok with them using security briefings to spy on the President. You are ok with the FBI talking to Flynn in a work capacity and turning that into an investigation. You are ok with the DOJ lying to the President about him being under investigation. You are ok with the FBI concluding Flynn was not lying, but then claiming that he was.

You are ok with all of that:

Who Pays with a Biden Victory?


I’ll tell you who’s the poster child for who doesn’t pay: J.K. Rowling. Despite being as rich as the Queen of England, the author isn’t going to pay when the “social democrats” take over. The lefty mob can’t touch her no matter how un-PC she is. Heck, she could buy her own island nation and unfairly restrict immigration exclusively to Harry Potter fans and other TERFs (build a wall!) and the woke SJWs still couldn’t touch her, no matter how massive the twitter hate-tsunami directed at her. She’s in the protected class.

Now, as a Christian, a liberty-loving conservative, and an American, I don’t begrudge her her wealth and status. She used her time and talent to write those beloved books, and the payoff was yuuuge! Good for her. But, when she and others in the protected class advocate for further consolidation of power in government to enact statist “solutions” that ultimately hurt the rest of us? I get a little resentful. Bitter, even. 

Author David Paul Kuhn joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the makeup of the Democratic coalition of the ’70s and how it compares to the Democratic party of today. Kuhn wrote about the subject in his most recent book “The Hardhat Riot: Nixon, New York City, and the Dawn of the White Working-Class Revolution.”

Democrats don’t have to win a majority of the white working class, but they have to win enough of them, Kuhn asserted. Joe Biden is potentially in a position to do so in November. Once Democrats lose the anti-Trump coalition, which is much larger than the typical Democrat coalition, they will have a harder time winning a majority of seats in both houses of Congress. Kuhn said the Democratic party ought to focus on gaining more white middle class votes.