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Trump Supporters Face Threats and Vandalism


A Trump yard sign in New Hampshire

The UNH Survey Center’s most recent Granite State Poll reports that 60% of Trump supporters in New Hampshire do not want to put a bumper sticker on their car or a sign in their front yard because they’re afraid of vandalism. I wish I’d seen this stat a couple of days ago when I was writing this piece for National Review:

Former Reagan Speechwriter, and Ricochet Co-Founder, Peter Robinson sits down with Dave Carter to discuss everything related to the 2020 Presidential Election. From the state of the voting public to journalistic subterfuge, from the strengths and weakness of both candidates to the reliability of various polls and polling methods, Peter and Dave take on practically every aspect of Campaign 2020. The dynamics of this engaging and enjoyable conversation travel from serious political analysis, to two guys sitting on the front porch, wondering why more people don’t understand history, and beseeching the kids to get off the lawn. Along the way, Peter offers a compelling list of what could happen in the event of a Biden victory (it’s safe to say that you need to hear this).

Then Dave welcomes Ricochet Member Brady Kiel (Herrforce1) to the program.  Brady, an Air Force Reservist, spent some time in Dave’s old line of work as an active duty military historian.  As you might imagine, the guys have a great time comparing notes and trading stories, experiences and reflecting on their military service.  From start to finish, this episode is loaded with compelling conversation and even a few laughs.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time with Dave and his guests.

James Rickards, Editor of Strategic Intelligence, a financial newsletter and New York Times bestselling author joins Carol Roth to discuss the various reasons why different companies pay no federal income taxes, what the New York Times got wrong with the “exposé” on President Trump’s taxes and how you can reduce your own tax burden. Plus, a discussion on the Fed, the money supply and inflation. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on gold. 

This week on the UK’s Fastest Growing Podcast® James and Toby ruminate about the relationship between the English and the Scots and lament what the SNP has done to it – and that’s just the beginning of a very full show.

What does Donald Trump’s Covid diagnosis mean to the US election and what’s more of a threat – disease or Big Tech?  (#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election by Allum Bokhari)

President Trump and former Vice-President Biden held their first of three debates in Cleveland with Fox News’ Chris Wallace playing the role of moderator. It was a mess to be sure. How bad was it and what’s the state of the debates after, especially when so many Biden supporters are telling him not to bother with anymore? Seth, Park, Jay, and Grant discuss.

Also, they briefly discuss the sports playoff scene as LeBron James goes for an NBA title with his third team and the Yankees beat up on Indians making it a tough night for Cleveland all around.

Trump-Biden Debate Wrap-Up


President Donald Trump faced former Vice President Joe Biden for the first presidential debate Tuesday night in Cleveland. It was a televised headache.

In theory, Chris Wallace was the moderator but immediately proved ineffective at controlling the two septuagenarians bickering for the next 96 minutes. By the end, it felt like the debate was between Trump and a Wallace/Biden tag team.

Trump came out swinging, peppering Biden with interruptions and real-time fact checks. He criticized the Democrat’s 47 years in Washington and pointed out how little he accomplished during that half century.

Donald Trump Defeats Chris Wallace in First Presidential Debate


That was one of the most awesome debates of all time, with President Donald Trump totally dominating his opponent, Chris Wallace.

Wallace tried his best to hurt Trump and help Joe Biden, who was standing in the stage for some reason, but failed utterly and succeeded only in demonstrating that he is a complete jackass.

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President Trump in sprint mode is not much different than normal mode. He held another daily press briefing this Sunday, taking 37 minutes, as I clock it. It looks like he took questions from about 7 reporters, mostly hostile, as usual. Contrast this with Senator Biden’s scripted appearances, always assisted by the media wing of […]

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Why Trump Should Rescue Biden


There is a moment in this campaign season I have been waiting to see for months now. I don’t think the President will give it to us, and for the Bidens’ sakes I probably shouldn’t hope it will happen.

I think we all expect there may come a time in the debates when Joe Biden is talking, and gets a little lost. Maybe a lot lost. One of those times when he just can’t find that word he really needs, or can’t recall what he was talking about. I won’t wish it on him, but it’s no secret he’s prone to such things. If that thing happens, President Trump can score a major victory by leaning in, and suggesting the needed word. Or by somehow helping him get back on track.

“Obsession” A Members Event Zoomcast


From the moment Donald Trump was elected president, even before he was inaugurated, some Democrats were calling for his impeachment. First it was on the margins but it grew steadily until it became both a media and Democratic Party-wide obsession. After the disappointment of the Mueller report, they focused on a phone call to the president of the Ukraine and then began impeachment proceedings with eventual acquittal in the Senate.

Veteran reporter Byron York chronicles the whole saga, using his unequaled access to sources inside Congress and the White House, in his new book, Obsession. To mark the publication, Ricochet Editor Emeritus Mollie Hemingway will host Byron in a live Ricochet Member’s Event Zoomcast on Thursday Oct. 1st at 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT.

Mark the date, get your questions ready and join us! We may even give away a copy or two. (And if you’re not a member, here’s another reason to join!) Details for the login will be posted closer to the date.

On today’s episode of COVID in 19, Scott Immergut of Ricochet and Avik Roy of FREOPP talk about Joe Biden’s claim that Trump is responsible for all 200,000 COVID deaths in America. Also, how should we think about COVID’s impact on different ethnic groups? And how would the rollout of a vaccine actually work?

The World Index of Healthcare Innovation: wihi.freopp.org

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 This was a bad week for election law developments in the election “ground zero” Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. But we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. First, the State Supreme Court, popularly elected in partisan elections and sporting a 5-2 Democratic majority, unilaterally rewrote state election law and dictated that mail-in ballots may be received […]

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Donald Trump, whether people want to admit it or not, scored a pretty big foreign policy win as Israel normalized relations with UAE and Bahrain. Seth, Park, Jay, and Grant discuss the political implications for Trump and why people are so afraid (on either side) to credit anyone, not in their party for policy success.

Also, the guys discuss the coronavirus vaccine and the effects of both Trump over-promising and some Democrats flirting with anti-vax rhetoric because they don’t like Trump and argue the wrong point (that it won’t be ready by election day instead of assuming it will and saying they don’t trust the president).

On today’s episode of COVID in 19, Scott Immergut of Ricochet and Avik Roy of FREOPP talk about Atlas-gate, the decision of Youtube to censor an interview that Trump coronavirus advisor and Stanford professor Scott Atlas did with the Hoover Institution. What was Youtube thinking?

On today’s episode of COVID in 19, Scott Immergut of Ricochet and Avik Roy of FREOPP talk about Los Angeles cancelling and then de-cancelling Halloween, and also the claim that a motorcycle rally in South Dakota led to a massive COVID outbreak. Also, why did Trump downplay the pandemic early on?

The Anti-American Violence Plaguing the US and How to Solve It


The United States of America is increasingly under assault from an anti-American mob that has gained mainstream prominence across the country. This mob has ravaged major US cities for weeks on end, torn down historical monuments, and murdered innocent citizens.

At a recent Oakland “Black Lives Matter” event, “protestors” chanted “death to America” — an anti-American death threat used by Iranian government officials. These same “protestors” hurled projectiles at police officers, set trucks on fire, and vandalized buildings.

Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, comes out next week. With the release of some snippets come the revelation of Trump admitting to Woodward he played down the coronavirus to stave off a panic. Does that excuse fly? And what of the criticisms of Woodward that if he knew about all of this, why not release it sooner instead of waiting for the book to come out?

Grant, Jay, Park, and Seth discuss all of that in addition to the continued Phase 2 “reopening” of Washington D.C., the return of the NFL, and the weekly picks from the latest issue of the Washington Examiner magazine!

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  I received a video recording of a mama and three bears at a neighbor’s, located across the street from a beach house that I manage. The mama bear was huge, straddling the back fence, with her snout facing a delicious bird feeder. The family who spotted her grabbed the camera. The audio says “there’s […]

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In this episode, Dave Carter turns the tables on Whiskey Politics’ proprietor and frequent Real Side Radio host Dave Sussman by interviewing the guy who is usually asking questions of others. Along the way we learn that the current mass exit of people from the progressive utopia of California means that, A) U-Haul trucks are impossible to reserve, and B) too many of California’s evacuees bring their political beliefs with them and end up voting for the same policies that wrecked the place they left. The two Daves also discuss voter trends in the African American community and the prospects for the Biden Campaign, before moving on to speculate on the best way to deal with rioters and protestors who block public roads.

Dave also welcomes Ricochet Charter Member Brian Watt to discuss his recent articles addressing the similarities of the 2020 presidential election with the elections of 1968 and 1972, before explaining how the election could be derailed or even hijacked by mail-in ballot mischief.  We believe you’ll find the discussion, and the entire podcast for that matter, fascinating and entertaining.

Back to the regularly scheduled broadcast!

On this show, Seth, Park, Grant, and Jay discuss Joe Biden’s speech addressing protest violence, how the media narrative shifted to cover the protests, and whether or not Biden’s speech is more effective for quelling violence or for his campaign.