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Can the NBA Bounce Donald Sterling?


Now that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and all the NBA owners are, for a thousand good reasons, determined to force Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling out of the league, the obvious legal question is whether they have the power to force that sale. In this case, it looks as though it’s a split decision.

Section 13 of the NBA Constitution and By-Laws sets the grounds for termination, and, as argued on Fox Sports, these do not seem to include any clause that allows the league to terminate membership on the ground that the conduct of an owner has been detrimental to the good will and reputation of the NBA. Yet that same constitution explicitly blocks any recourse to the courts once a final decision is made. Let’s unpack both points. 

The Benefits of Not Giving the Benefit of the Doubt


Teaching children to give others the benefit of the doubt is good parenting. Adults who give their neighbors and co-workers the benefit of the doubt are better citizens and lead happier lives than those who don’t.

Ordinary interaction between people is often subject to misinterpretation. Did that person rudely cut in front of me or did she think I wasn’t in line? Was I given a lousy seat because the hostess didn’t like me or was it a compliment that she thought I could add some life to the table with the dull in-laws? Was my boss intentionally ignoring me when we passed on the sidewalk or did he truly not notice me?

Don’t Bother Me With Your Hypotheticals — Frank Soto


Ever have a conversation with a friend that just leaves you ready to scream by the end of it? I just had one of those myself and my faith in humanity is falling fast.

As the topic of Donald Sterling came up, I made an off-handed remark that it is scary that everything private can be used against you publicly these days. A friend — who we will call Bob — replied that he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Did Donald Sterling Tape Himself?


Reported in the LA Times yesterday, but not really noted in our earlier discussion on the taping of Donald Sterling.

The site is also reporting that sources who have heard the entire hourlong recording say Sterling absolutely knew he was being recorded. TMZ Sports has reported Stiviano has said she has more than 100 hours of recorded conversations with the 80-year-old Sterling, who is said to have used the tapes to refresh his memory because he frequently forgot what he said.

Member Post


Donald Sterling’s comments, opinions and past behavior are dreadful – no doubt about it.  I just wonder how the NBA is going to cope with the next thought crime that comes along. What happens to the next guy who drops an anti-gay slur? (Frozen Chosen asked this in another thread.) What about if a black […]

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How to Get Rid of an NBA Owner


“I want to make it clear that I’m not going to punish [Rodman] for what he does off the court.  I’m going to let the media crucify him for that… This is still America, and my jurisdiction is still the basketball court.”  — David Stern, 1997

In case you missed the meat of what the NBA decided to do to Donald Sterling yesterday, this is Commissioner Adam Silver from the transcript:

Tarnished Sterling — EJHill


The NBA acted faster than any league in history in banishing one of their own.

It took the better part of six years from the time that Major League Baseball began investigating the controversial utterings of Marge Schott until they finally succeeded in ousting her from the game. It took six months to ban her manager, Pete Rose, for gambling. The Black Sox Scandal, the case that created the modern sports commissioner, dragged on for two years.