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House Democrats Discredit Whistleblowers, Shafting Themselves


Democrats think it’s impossible for government employees to stand up for truth and justice. If they try to speak out against the powers-that-be, they must be lying; no one would willingly put their jobs on the line. Except that at least three whistleblowers stood before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee and did just that—and have paid the price. At least so far. I’d like to share the most credible parts of the whistleblowers’ testimonies, and the most absurd accusations of the House Democrats.

Rep. Jim Jordan, who leads the committee, demanded in a 1,000-page report that the FBI respond to allegations:

Americans deserve to have confidence that the enormous power and reach of federal law enforcement will be used fairly and free of any indication of politicization. The FBI has the power, quite literally, to ruin a person’s life — to invade their residence, to take their property, and even to deprive them of their liberty,’ the report says.

Comer’s Investigation Will Fail


When the chips are down, I pride myself on being the optimist at the table. I have followed the work of Comer and his Oversight Committee, anxiously watching the progress of their investigation, and been amazed at the results: corruption of several Biden family members, shell committees with no purpose, millions of dollars into Biden family bank accounts—the list goes on. But after these results were reported, after months of tedious review of the data and interviews of people connected to the story, the New York Times finally clarified the true situation for me when they said there was no evidence of wrongdoing:

Nothing will happen to Biden or his family.

I knew that the evidence of media collusion was overwhelming, but I had to hope that someone—anyone—in the legacy media at a large newspaper would start the ball rolling. After all, this despicable series of events is the story of the decade, if not the century. Hundreds of lies have been told. Crimes have been ignored. Millions of dollars have been exchanged. Collusion with international figures has been identified.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Sens. Joe Manchin and Jon Tester joining with the GOP to pass a bill reversing a Labor Department rule on factoring climate and social matters (ESG) into investing decisions. We realize it’s a political calculation but Tester and Manchin still voted the right way. They also thoroughly unimpressed by the Senate testimony of Attorney General Merrick Garland, who says there have been so few arrests in response to attacks on pregnancy centers because the crimes happened at night. Finally, they are crestfallen to learn Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry is disappointed in so many of us for how we drive, heat our homes, and more.

Who’s Committing Election Violence?


Never ones to let a “crisis” go to waste, President Biden and his fellow travelers are working overtime to accuse Republicans of being behind election violence threats.

“President Joe Biden urged Americans to vote in favor of democracy, reject election-denying candidates, and be patient with results ahead of the first national Election Day held since the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol,” screamed CNBC in its coverage of Biden’s Union Station speech last Wednesday.

Legislatures Try to Bar Gender Affirming Care for Minors


Vanderbilt University has proven itself to be corrupt and greedy regarding gender treatment for minors. Most recently, they bragged about profits from these procedures and their efforts to force staff to participate. And the Tennessee legislature responded through a letter:

The letter comes after videos on social media of a Vanderbilt doctor describing the surgeries as a ‘huge money maker’ for the hospital went viral. Another video shows a staff member saying there would be ‘consequences’ for employees who decline to participate in these mutilative surgeries.

‘While those 18-years and older are recognized as legal adults and free to make decisions in their best interest, it is an egregious error of judgment that an institution as highly respected as Vanderbilt would condone (and promote) harmful and irreversible procedures for minor children in the name of profit,’ the letter said.

Best Theory Yet on the Mar-A-Lago Raid


Andy McCarthy makes a good argument in the NY Post that the raid on Mar-A-Lago was an industrial-scale fishing expedition. For exactly what, I don’t know. I don’t think the DoJ knows either.

The left is terrified by the thought of PDT v2 (or PRDS, but they aren’t nearly as ready to act against him. DeSantis will have to wait, for now.) The Jan. 6 hearings are an embarrassing flop — they won’t stop Trump that way without something new.

Rob Long is in for Jim. Join Rob & Greg as they cheer the major commitment the GOP is putting into winning over Latino voters as the Dems panic. They also sigh as the Justice Department appeals a judge’s ruling ending mask mandates for planes and other transportation, but Rob explains the long game the DOJ is playing here. And they react to a Boston University professor who suggests the rampant property destruction in the riots of 2020 need to be understood in the context that property is inherently racist because black people were once considered property.


The Sham of ‘White Supremacy’


According to President Biden, “terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today,” as he put it in an address to congress. Attorney General Merrick Garland agreed, noting that “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists” are the most dangerous element of domestic violence. Garland declared that we must “bring federal resources to bear” and “adopt a broader societal response” to the threat of white supremacy.

But it’s a slur to claim that Americans live in fear of white supremacists like the brownshirts of yore. In reality, white supremacists are a small fringe group of pathetic losers who are despised by all.

Their gatherings often attract more attackers than members. No one raises money for their bail when they get in trouble like Kamala Harris did for BLM when their “mostly peaceful” protests produced burning buildings and mass looting.

Join Jim and Greg as they congratulate the Virginia legislature and Gov. Glenn Youngkin for passing common sense, bipartisan bills that outlaw formal or informal quotas on arrests and tickets by Virginia police. They also continue to be surprised at the messaging failures of the Biden White House, often with the President himself out of the loop, with transportation masking as the latest example. And despite no obvious constituency or hope of beating Donald Trump or Governor Ron DeSantis, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger floated his name as a potential candidate in the 2024 presidential race.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis, even if the last one is a bit iffy. First, they;re glad to see CVS reporting excellent progress administering vaccines to residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They’re also happy to see the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York investigating the Cuomo administration for covering up the number of nursing home deaths. And they welcome President Biden’s goal of having K-8 students in school five days a week within his first 100 days, although they’ll believe it when they see it.

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When Is Crime Criminal?


Poor Cletus. He doesn’t have any money. What’s a felon to do?

Cletus goes down to the 7-11 and sticks a gun in Mr. Maloney’s face and says “give me all your cash.” The manager complies, turns over the money, and Cletus walks out with it. It’s December 20, 2020, and Cletus needs to buy a few presents. Everyone understands even if they don’t condone the behavior. Desperate people do desperate things. That’s why 7-11 has cameras.

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As @brianwatt posted a bit ago, Senator Lindsey Graham released this letter today from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe regarding Crossfire Hurricane. Assuming I am understanding it correctly, this appears to be more or less what happened: FBI/CIA [to Obama/Biden]: “Clinton is fabricating a Trump-Russia collusion scandal, Russia knows about it and fabricated this […]

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It dies screaming in broad daylight on CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. The DOJ is refusing to prosecute Comey! I’m sick of all the charades, lies, and duplicity in Washington. The tree of liberty is dying of a massive drought; somewhere there’s a wall with Comey’s name on it, or there should be. Other names should […]

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Alas Acosta


Is Alex Acosta a tragic figure? By Paul Mirengoff’s account at Power Line Blog, rehearsed and elaborated over the past two years, Alex Acosta is a man on the make, a social-political climber. His aspiration: the comfortable security and status of a federal judgeship. To gain that prize, Mirengoff claims, Acosta spent his time in both the George W. Bush and Trump administrations carefully not offending powerful Democratic Party interests. That is, Acosta passive aggressively sabotaged his presidents’ stated policies. Maybe so, maybe no.

Alex Acosta was invited to walk out with President Trump Friday morning, addressing the press alongside the president. This was a resignation, but one in which President Trump and his Secretary of Labor would concede nothing. What he and President Trump got was a sound byte summary of unheralded achievements that matter to real Americans.

Trump’s DOJ Advises Court to Invalidate Obamacare


Remember when Obama’s DOJ decided not to defend laws that they didn’t like? And how people warned of the horrible precedent they were setting? Looks like Trump remembers and his first target is Obama’s most prized accomplishment.

The Justice Department has informed a federal appeals court that it agrees with the ruling of a Texas judge who invalidated Obamacare. The administration said that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down.

Harvard Caught in Victim Vise


Haaah-vahd is caught in a virtuous-victims vise, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving center of intersectional grievance mongers. For the past year, Harvard has been slowly bled by allegations and then ugly revelations about their administration’s racial problem with Asians. Now, Harvard is being sued for profiting today from the racist Harvard past, specifically by exploiting the image of a slave. The plaintiff claims she is a descendant of the exploited African-American and suffers harm herself in seeing the continued exploitation of her ancestor by Harvard.

So, Harvard University is being sued for discrimination against Asians, in the same way as they once discriminated against Jews, and is being separately sued for the present-day continuation of its 19th-century exploitation of an African-American slave. Perhaps the Harvard shield of arms should be updated, replacing “Veritas,” written across three open books, with a plain black bar sinister.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch:

Quote of the Day: “Not Law but Fraud”


In Mark Helprin’s 2012 novel In Sunlight and in Shadow*, we meet a returning WWII veteran, Harry Copeland, who inherits the family business from his deceased father. When the business is threatened by a mafia boss, resulting in the death of one employee, and Harry himself nearly beaten to death, Harry learns that he will find no help from law enforcement or any other authority because all of them are being paid off. Harry must decide whether he will take matters into his own hands — eliminating the mafia boss himself.

“My enemy is not the law,” he found himself saying under his breath as he walked — talking to himself was not a good sign — “but the enemy of the law, against which the law is too weak to defend itself. If the law is complicit in crime, is it the law? If, when not complicit, it not only fails to protect but proscribes self-protection, then it is not law but fraud. Anarchy arises not from those who defend themselves by natural right, but from officials who fail in their calling, look the other way, succumb to threats and blackmail, or who are themselves criminal. If without defending me the law says I can’t defend myself, it is no longer the law, and I have to defy it.”

As you might guess, I could not read this passage without immediately thinking of the last two years of the Mueller investigation. Given all we have learned about the involvement of the DOJ and the FBI (et al) in inventing the Russia Collusion narrative out of whole cloth, convicting people on process crimes — crimes that didn’t exist apart from the investigation themselves, we must ask whether what we are seeing in Washington is law . . . or fraud? If the law is complicit in ca rime, is it the law?

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For this week’s Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten podcast, my guest was Rich Higgins. Higgins, an expert in unconventional warfare and combatting terrorism with over 20 years experience at senior levels of the Defense Department, and early supporter of President Trump, served as director for strategic planning in President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC). Preview Open

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To Redact or Unredact, That Is the Question


Democrat leaders Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner have written to Director, National Intelligence (DNI) Coats, DAG Rosenstein, and FBI Director Wray to direct them to ignore President Trump’s order on declassification without first running the information through Congress.

Reportedly, DNI, DOJ, and FBI are “working…to comply with the president’s order.” Unofficial reports are surfacing they may send a package (still redacted) to the White House for review. This would be a violation of the President’s order to declassify three sets of documents in addition to text messages, unredacted.

Garden Scene: The Don’s Advice To Michael


It’s late in the Don’s second term. The Don and his recently elected successor, Michael “Whitey” Pence, sit in the Don’s private garden in Mar-a-Lago on a bright, sunny day in South Florida.

The Don is older and slower now, only able to work 18 hours a day. He’s still recovering from Bob “Ferris” Mueller’s seven-year vendetta to bring down Big D on the mean streets of D.C. on behalf of the ruthless government crime families controlling the nation’s capitol.