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Man Bites Dog: NBC Conducts Real News Interview!


“We’re not going to cut corners…I see this thing [the Durham investigation] reaching an important watershed in the late spring [of 2020], perhaps early summer.” — Attorney General William Barr

Credit where credit is due. NBC News’ Pete Williams just conducted an entirely professional interview of Attorney General William Barr, 10 December 2019. Then NBC posted the entire interview to their YouTube channel, not chopped up to match their narrative.

Sources and Methods


The release of the Horowitz report on the investigation into FISA abuse has been delayed yet again.  This release has been teased month after month, and yet still we wait.  Apparently, every single bureaucrat in Washington gets their chance to redact the document, in order to protect their precious “sources and methods”.

I sick of hearing about their sources and methods.  Everything we’re talking about here is either domestic, or the sources have already been revealed in the media.  Nobody is going to be killed because their identity is revealed. These aren’t spies, living undercover behind enemy lines, they are bureaucrats.  And frankly, their sources and methods are exactly what is at issue here.  Their sources sucked, and their methods were corrupt.  But if you let them remove the sources and methods, they can remove the wrongdoing as well.

Comey’s Comeuppance Cometh


John Solomon is one plugged-in reporter. I started to see chatter on social media about DOJ IG Horowitz referring people, including Comey, for criminal prosecution and find that Solomon already has an article up on it. In the referral being reported, Comey leaked classified information for political purposes and personal gain, and then lied about it when interviewed, but the Justice Department declined to prosecute him.

Given that article says DOJ did not want to “make its first case against the Russia investigators with such thin margins” (not enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law), sounds like they may have what they consider more serious, better case(s) on other charges … like FISA abuse maybe?