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Paul Sperry is a top investigative journalist for Real Clear Investigations, part of the Real Clear Politics series of excellent, non-partisan websites. I check them daily. He’s the author of two books and contributes to thefederalist.com, a terrific libertarian-leaning website. He plays no favorites. Sperry’s latest post illustrates how the Washington Post is deeply and unethically intertwined with […]

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Massive IRS Breach or Leak against “The .001 Percent”


Propublica, a leftist media organ, has just published an article on the wealthiest Americans, based on what they acknowledge to be illegal disclosure of taxpayers’ information. They will almost certainly not be prosecuted by the leftist DOJ careerists, once again backed by leftist political appointees. The leftist White House media mouthpieces are good with the felonies and already framing this as the rich not paying their fair share.

We see the set-up for Propublica’s June 8th publication in the June 7, 2021 White House press briefing: