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Things I Miss Most About Pennsylvania Include. . .The DMV


Eight months ago my wife and I finally closed on the sale of our wonderful home on a nice acreage in the western Philadelphia suburbs, downsizing, close to where we began our marriage some 37 years ago to south Arlington, Virginia. It’s less than a mile from the townhouse we bought in 1985. And another bonus: we love living right on top of Civil War history.

For those of you who have cycled through (or, still live) in the Washington, DC area, especially northern Virginia, it’s considered a right of passage to live in historic Fairlington Villages. America’s largest apartment complex at the time was hurriedly built during World War II to accommodate military officers being cycled through the Pentagon for training.

After discussing an eventful trip to the DMV, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are happy to see experts shifting projections towards Republicans in four key House races, with Jim noting that real nominees often fail to poll as well as generic ones.  Jim also rips President Trump for reportedly using cell phones that staffers fear could leave Trump – and classified information – vulnerable to hacking or espionage.  And they blast Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan for urging parents across the country to stop sending their kids to school until Congress passes gun control legislation.

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I recently had a prolonged, unpleasant experience with N.J.’s Motor Vehicle Commission, formerly the DMV. My car’s ‘check engine’ light had been on for several months, but my mechanic used the OBDII connection to determine I had a bad catalytic converter (of the three my car has; yes three!), and said I could wait till […]

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