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Amusing Ourselves to Death


I still remember sitting in my car, just having come out of the bookstore, beginning to read his book “Technopoly.” I had already read “Amusing Ourselves to Death” and considered him to be an American prophet. And it was in 1999 that my son and I got to hear him do a reading at a bookstore in downtown Chicago.

Neil Postman followed in the footsteps of other prophets, people like Orwell and Huxley. They warn us about ourselves and our focus on DISTRACTIONS. We think we have no need for a purpose outside of our own “personal peace and affluence” — that from another prophet, Francis Schaeffer.

If you have read this post, this far, you might consider spending a few minutes contemplating the introduction of Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” May it cause a pause in thought, pondering both the present and the future, the temporal and the eternal.

Burned Out on Reality or Who Cares How Kamala Harris Spends $500?


A restlessness is pervading my soul. I’m tired of the horrid news, the insolubility of the issues, the repetitiveness of the ideas and my own inability to do something productive, when hopelessness seems impossible to shake off.

And this morning, I heard all the outrage about Kamala’s disgusting behavior in France when she bought a bowl and a pot at the insane price of $500—how dare she? When our own televisions and refrigerators are stalled indefinitely in storage containers in the ports of our great country.

Distractions Can Be Deadly


On Friday afternoon, I learned that the neighbor of a friend of mine was run over by her own car. If another neighbor had not seen what happened and responded, the woman probably would have died.

How did this happen? The woman drove to a home to meet a man and to oversee his doing some work there. The worker did not show up. For some reason, the woman stepped out of her car with the engine running. The car started to roll down the driveway, and her instinct was to reach in and turn the steering wheel because she couldn’t reach the ignition button. The car turned and she was caught underneath it, damaging her chest and lungs. A Medivac was called and she was transported to a nearby hospital.