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Join Jim and Greg for three crazy martinis that could easily be all bad.  First, they comment on oil prices plummeting faster than we can keep up with them and discuss why our economy suffers if prices are too low for too long. They also recoil as one vaccine expert says the public should brace for the possibility that it may be very difficult or impossible to develop a coronavirus vaccine – although he is from the WHO. And they hammer New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for urging New Yorkers to rat on their neighbors for not properly social distancing.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that hospitals in most parts of the country have decent capacity for more patients – a big improvement from earlier in the month. They also recoil as more than 80 percent of Americans want to keep social distancing even if it means more economic damage. And they get a kick out of Elizabeth Warren offering a ridiculously late endorsement of Joe Biden, now that he’s the last one standing for the Democrats.