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Disneyland has laid off 28,000 employees. The park has been closed for several months since the COVID pandemic hit. The executives at Disney had hoped to open the park, which includes the adjacent California Adventure, in September. It was not to be. As a result, Disney is losing billions of dollars in revenue from ticket receipts, hotel bookings, restaurant business, and merchandise sold in the parks and in the Downtown Disney area. Even though parts of Downtown Disney, which includes retail stores, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have been partially opened and doing a fraction of the business that they do when the parks are open, it is likely that many of them will have to close unless the parks are able to open.

But to date, there is no word from the villain in this story, Governor Gavin Newsom, on when Disneyland or California Adventure will be allowed to open despite Disney’s appeals that it can open the park and attractions with new social distancing and other COVID mitigation protocols. The governor’s edict that Disneyland remain closed also effects nearby Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park and all the ancillary businesses – hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail venues throughout the greater Anaheim area that thrive on the traffic that these amusement parks generate on a year-round basis. So, the Disneyland layoffs may pale in comparison to the other layoffs that have occurred and will continue to occur as these other Disney-reliant businesses struggle to stay open.

In addition to the greater Southern California market that frequents Disneyland, including thousands of annual pass holders, the park has been a tourist draw for Southern California since it opened in 1955. So, families from out-of-state and from other countries that planned summer vacations not only spent some time in the park but ventured to other sites and attractions in Southern California, helping to boost revenue beyond Orange County.

Should childlesss Millennials be banned from theme parks? Should Millennials have children? Are they ruining marriage? Relying too much on their parents for money? This special lightning round episode with Jack and Washington Examiner culture writer Madeline Fry attempts to answer all of those questions…in five-minute increments.

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Friday’s New York Post released an article, “Sorry, childless millennials going to Disney World is weird,” commenting on a rant by an angry mom who is clearly morally superior based on her obscenity-riddled Facebook post that has gone viral. The story was that a childless young woman was in line ahead of a mom and her 3-year-old son to get a pretzel, and because it took too long and the mom got frustrated, her child cried. Lady, nobody made your child cry but you, when you told him, “no,” because you did not feel like waiting. Perhaps you should have used this as a moment to teach your child how to wait in line and how to be patient. Rather, you post a vicious attack on Facebook that anyone without a child should be banned, blaming them for entitlement and creating long lines… all while strongly believing you should be able to skip ahead – how ironic.

Johnny Oleksinski laments in his article that people between 23 and 38 (mostly millennials) have an “unhealthy” relationship with the biggest corporation geared towards children in the world. The claim is that adults are “throwing their money away” on frivolous things meant for children. Certainly there are some that are a bit… overboard… on the Disney stuff. You know the ones – they have the full-on Little Mermaid themed bathroom, or Mickey ears for every single occasion… it’s a little weird, but what really is the harm in capitalism?

By the way, my husband and I are 37, childless, and Disneyland Annual Passholders.

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Fox News is reporting that a man with reported cognitive disabilities managed to get out of his seat on the Space Mountain roller coaster which is completely housed, while the ride was in progress: A Disneyland attraction was shut down after one park visitor jumped off mid-ride Tuesday afternoon, Disney confirmed to Fox News. The unidentified man, reportedly in […]

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