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Not Quite SMOD, But…?


In a comment on a post addressing the priorities of the moron-Mayor of Portland, Oregon, I brought up the Big One. Or the Really Big One.

Back in 2015, a fascinating, if alarming, essay was published in the New Yorker. Its author described a terrifying and inevitable cataclysm centered on the Cascadian Subduction Zone off the west coast and affecting a huge area stretching from northern California to British Columbia. A BBC documentary on the same subject summarized the topic thus: “One day, the people of the Pacific Northwest will face a megathrust earthquake of a magnitude up to 9.2 on the Richter Scale.” Following which, there will be a gigantic tsunami.

Irma Not So La Douce


Damage from Hurricane Irma

As some of you know, the northwest part of the eye wall from Hurricane Irma passed right over our house in southwest Florida this weekend. We took the worst part of that hurricane and we took it for two hours straight. Our family is fine, our house is essentially undamaged and we are starting to get our lives back together now, three days since it passed us.

Here are a few observations from the experience: