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Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?


shutterstock_132337193Many of us agree that experts generally cause more trouble than they are worth. The views they espouse often have more to do with ideology than with the subject matter about which they are expert. At the same time their expert status, often being based on some species of “science,” gives them a form of immunity to criticism, and immediately identifies their critics as Neanderthals (or worse, conservatives). Sooner or later, however, though it is often very much later, experts who base their views on ideology are defeated by actual facts, and if they are not entirely routed they will at least have to fall back into a more rearward trench.

The Progressive experts who in the 1970s foisted upon Americans the new dogma that low-fat diets are the means to prevent heart disease and cancer have been driven for a decade from their forward positions, and back into less substantial breastworks. As I pointed out in an earlier post, the latest rationale our dietary experts offer for insisting we continue avoiding at least saturated fat (if not all fat) is to fight global warming. (You may think this is not a very defensible position to be fighting from, but it is not as astounding as it first may seem, global warming being ultimately responsible for all of mankind’s ills.)

I would now like to point out another aspect of our dietary experts’ battle against dietary fat which you may not think can possibly have an ideological aspect, but which nonetheless does: The idea that a calorie is just a calorie.