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Pretend you’re a US Senator and presented with this choice: You have $80 billion to “invest” to bolster recruitment and staffing in one of these public-funded institutions. You can choose one or two out of three (yes, I know there is a fourth choice. Play along): A. Give it all to the Internal Revenue Service […]

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The Pollyanna Reports, II


Reason # i,517 to like the best Governor in America! Our Governor, Ron DeSantis, clearly in my totally non-objective and absolutely biased opinion, the best Governor, by far, in America, has very publicly fired one of George Soros’ hand-picked DA’s who decided what laws he would and would not enforce. And publicly announcing it the way he did is the best way to start getting all this woke [ ] under some kind of control and we can only hope that some of the other Republican governors will have the backbone DeSantis did in the way he handled this rogue “prosecutor” in Tampa. I started to use another anatomical reference but that would eliminate some other good governors such as the Governor of South Dakota.

Here is part of the Governor’s press release: