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On the Nature of Poetry


Its stuff that rhymes. Only it doesn’t always rhyme. Usually the stuff that doesn’t rhyme is bad, but then if you look at poetry in other languages and traditions sometimes it doesn’t even rhyme at all. Hmm… maybe I should back up a bit. What I’d like to do is try and characterize poetry from a scientific perspective. That means I’ll be observing three samples of poetry captured in the wild to see what we can learn about them. Let’s move right to the first:

I come home during the 2016 campaign and @MattBalzer says to me “Hillary Clinton just called Trump supporters a ‘basket of deplorables.'” You know how I responded? “I don’t often have a good word to say about Hillary Clinton, but that’s a good phrase right there.”

We Are Not Racists, Hillary


Hillary Clinton’s recent disparagement of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” was an error on many levels. It was a political error, worthy indeed of Donald Trump at his most vain, where Hillary chose to slander a segment of the American electorate in order to bask in the laughter of her audience – thereby violating the sound political principle that you are best to criticize your opponent, not his supporters.

Her joke was a moral error in its condescension and hatred toward a distant and largely unknown rabble upon whom she and her howling acolytes projected their own hatred in the form of a mostly imagined racism.

Member Post


Colin Powell has long presented himself to the world as a figure of singular probity, too morally unimpeachable for the grimy world of elective politics. His fawning admirers in the chattering class have fostered this fiction for years. Before this week’s story over his hacked -mails, they politely averted their gaze from a similar hack […]

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