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Cherie DeVille is an adult film star who offers Bridget an inside look at today’s porn industry. They cover how Cherie got into porn, how her parents reacted, why she loves it, the secret to her decade-long career, the perception versus the reality of the industry, the social stigma that comes with it, how it’s changed in the last 10 years, and how women have more power and control in the industry than ever before. They also discuss having an emotionally monogamous relationship, shame, boundaries, the struggle of kids today, how damaging porn addiction can be, the fact that conservatives and pornstars are on the same side when it comes to the arbitrary control and restrictions that financial institutions have over one’s ability to sell a product, and why we should all be terrified of what this means for the future.

Kurt Schlichter, Senior Columnist at Townhall.com and conservative commentator, joins Carol Roth to discuss the current state of free speech, corporatism and deplatforming vis-à-vis America’s political divide. Kurt pulls no punches as he shares the newly named “Schlichter principle” and how it applies to freedom and how things could possibly change- for better or worse.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on how to make the best steak ever.

Lessons from an SJW Mob (or, Horror in Romancelandia)


Isolate the target. That’s the first rule of mobbing. But who knew it would result in so many targets?

My sister and I are writers. She’s romance, I’m mystery. We’re both members of Romance Writers of America (RWA). So, when a fairly big-name romance writer, Courtney Milan, was censured by RWA for cyberbullying, we got curious about what was going on. We got even more curious when Milan’s gang turned on the RWA board and got most to resign, ruined the reputation of the gay man who became president, and seems on the verge of taking down the 9,000+ member organization.

Protestors Block SF Pride Parade


When I saw the headline I did a double-take.  Who, in San Francisco of all cities, could possibly object to the annual “Pride” Parade?  Had the Westboro Baptists come to town?  Was some alt-right hate group trying to make a name for itself? Perhaps an offshoot of Super Happy Fun America had taken to the streets to demand a West Coast Straight Pride Parade?

But no, it was leftists. It’s always leftists.

Twitter, Baskets of Hands, and the Incentive Problem


I should state up front that I do not use Twitter. I have occasionally followed a link to Twitter, but I don’t linger there. It is a confusing mess that seems to bring out the very worst in people. It seems that Twitter is starting to realize this, and to understand that the solution may not be in controlling who has access to Twitter, but in how the system rewards its users. We all respond to incentives. We all, to some degree, are rewards junkies – when certain behaviors are rewarded, we repeat and amplify those behaviors to receive more of those rewards. Twitter’s problem, as its CEO Jack Dorsey has begun to understand, is that it rewards awful behavior, rage, groupthink, bullying, and dehumanizing its users.  A Buzzfeed article from May 15th details how Twitter is experimenting with a new interface – one that reduces the incentives for the worst of behavior, and perhaps restores some humanity.

In its early years Twitter optimized for engagement, which engagement features (replies, and the like and retweet buttons) and metrics (number of followers, likes, retweets, and replies) help to deliver. So now it’s trying to shift what it encourages people to do.

Member Post


(Note: I find the recent goings-on with Patreon to be extremely significant, but it’s recently come to my attention that it’s an issue largely unknown to people who, unlike me, do not spend too much time on YouTube watching those concerned with the “Intellectual Dark Web.” There will be a lot of links in this […]

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Alex Jones Himself Endorses Vigilantism Against “Wrongthink”


Why deplatform Alex Jones now? It may have something to do with this week’s news that Jones is continuing to make life miserable for ordinary Americans he believes are engaged in “wrongthink”: he believes that their belief that they’re just grieving families, not actors in an elaborate hoax, is a belief too wrong to let alone. Alex Jones — the “sheeple” king — has no problem with harassing others over their “wrongthink” as long as his gang is the gang getting away with it.

Back in April, three parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims began suing Jones for defamation. In turn, this August Jones is seeking over $100,000 in damages from the parents of shooting victim Noah Pozner, adding financial insult to the years of injury they’ve already had to endure at the hands of Jones and his fans: