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The Unending Hatred for Russians


I want Putin to lose. I want him to learn that if a country wants freedom, he cannot take it away. I’m cheering for Ukraine. But the insane escalation of anti-Russian measures is disturbing.

Banking sanctions are one thing, but some of the petty elements are just insane.  People who live in Russia cannot receive money via Patreon or other donation services.  One guy I support was developing a video game trading market, and got completely cut off.  He can’t even use online development tools.  Speaking of games, several games have cut off Russians from the ability to buy any items in the game using actual money  (For a lot of free games, that’s the game company’s revenue stream).

What Does the Holocaust Teach Us as Americans?


Periodically on this site, people have voiced their annoyance about the reminders that are posted regarding Holocaust Memorial Day, which is observed today. In Israel, everyone stops for two minutes at the sound of sirens to honor those lost. Those of us old enough to have been taught about the Holocaust in school or by our parents already know the story, yet there are some who would prefer not to be reminded of this tragedy. Given how blessed Jews are to live in this country, how often does the story need to be repeated?