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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Rich McFadden of Radio America react to the first night of CNN Democratic presidential debates. They discuss the moderate candidates challenging Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the feasibility of their left-wing agendas. They lament the structure of presidential debates and the time constraints placed on candidates. And they respond to Marianne Williamson’s performance with her warnings of “dark psychic forces.”

How Many More Debates?


Last night’s debate was refreshing in that it brought out some fight in the candidates. Unfortunately, the fight was born of necessity thanks to another biased, unprofessional performance from the moderators.

Republicans have endured three of these debacles so far, but the only unifying issue is that, in each case, the moderators tried to make themselves the story. Fox News — a supposed bastion of objective media — showed its sensational circus act and it has been downhill since then. Meanwhile, on the Democrat’s talking point presentation programs debates, we get to see how who can promise the most benefits and who the moderators will most want to get selfies with. To make matters worse, the Democrats have five more opportunities to roll out their agenda and polish Hillary’s crown, while we’ve got seven more of these fiascos scheduled.

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It looks like we can organize a Milwaukee area meetup, probably somewhere South of the town, for November 8th. Jamesofengland is also my gmail address, and I hope to hear from people who might consider attending there or in the comments here. Alternatively, I’m at 202 821 3001.  Also, I’m organizing debate watching parties for the […]

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