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The Debate Question You’ll Never Hear


Moderator: “This question is for whichever of you have the guts to answer: The last time a Democrat nominee for president graciously accepted a losing result — that is, without claiming that they were cheated, that votes were stolen or suppressed, that Diebold rigged the outcome, or claimed that the process itself was unfair — was Michael Dukakis in 1988. If you are the Dems’ nominee and then lose the general election, will you:

  1. Concede graciously and immediately
  2. Issue a call to all Democrats for national unity, and to work with the duly elected president
  3. And condemn any and all continued activities by The Resistance.

“And if your answer is no, and you should in fact win the general election, explain why all the same tactics used against Donald Trump should not be applied to your new presidency.”

First Democrat Primary Debate


The first debate of the 2020 Democrat primary race is tonight. (The second one is tomorrow.) If for some reason you want to watch it, and want to chat with fellow fellow Ricochet members while you do so, then come on over to the Ricochet Live Chat. Extra points for anyone who can tell me who the bald guy is, who the guy with glasses is, and who the guy I thought was Blasio (until I saw Blasio) is. (Blasio is the one behind the peacock. Ha.)

Member Post


This recommendation was prominently displayed upon logging into Facebook tonight. Did anyone see a #gopdebate equivalent after last Saturday’s New Hampshire Debate on Facebook? UPDATE 02-14-2016:  It appears it’s a new addition, Facebook just posted a #GOPdebate in the floating rectangle post-debate.   Preview Open

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Proudest Enemy? Please.


During Tuesday’s debate, Democrats were asked which enemy they were most proud of making. Lincoln Chaffee claimed the coal lobby; Martin O’Malley cited the NRA; Hillary Clinton agreed with O’Malley, but added “the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians, probably the Republicans;” Senator Bernie Sanders claimed Wall Street and the pharmaceutical Industry as being “at the top of my list;” and Jim Webb said it was the man who threw a grenade that would have killed a US Marine were it not for Webb’s heroism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t48MyL5QdAc

Naturally, Webb’s answer was unwelcome in a Democratic Party that often seems ashamed of Western Civilization, and of any efforts spent defending (or worse, expanding) it. Webb is the candidate for the people whom the Democratic party left. Another good answer would have been to reject the question.