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Hubwonk host Joe Selvaggi talks with author, surgeon, and public health expert Dr. Marty Makary about the COVID-19 Delta Variant, the durability of natural and vaccinated immunity, the benefits of booster shots, and the health risks for children as we move into the fall.


Are You Going Back to Life the Same Way – Post-Covid?


Are you going back to your life the same way, post-Covid and now Covid 2.0?  I ask because I think many are not. I’m not.  Getting back to normal is like after 9/11, a new normal. It may be a good thing.  Let’s examine this more closely.

First (and this is a big one), parents have gotten an up front and center view of what their children, starting in kindergarten, have been being taught. Climate Change, Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, multi-gender identities, indoctrination on a massive scale, that take the parents’ boundaries out, along with reading, writing, math, art, sports, science, and literature as the priority, and placing the focus on an extreme progressive ideology.  At any rate, at least parents are aware and can take steps to do what is best for their children and family.  Prior to Covid, many were unaware of what was taking place within our schools, within teachers’ unions, and even the innocent library.

Please Get Vaccinated


We are in the middle of another COVID spike in Texas, in much of the rest of the country and the world.  In Texas new infections are up by 300 to 400%.

Fear-mongering comes in the news in the form of Greek letters these days, but the fear-mongering has a kernel of truth to it.  Unvaccinated people are at increased risk of getting infected; as an adult, if you get infected you have a 10% chance of getting severe disease.  Leaving aside the chance of death, if you get severe disease you have a 30% chance of having long-term problems, like dementia, which in popular accounts is described as “brain fog”.  And the brain fog for those who get it is not going away.