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My Virgin Experience #2: Grocery Delivery


You might have read the post about my virgin experience of pizza delivery. You would think it would have prepared us for our first adventure into grocery delivery. Not hardly.

We finally convinced ourselves that grocery shopping in a store with potential coronavirus zombies disguised as real human beings was not a good idea. Many people insisted that having our groceries selected and delivered by strangers made more sense. Since I am very picky about the food I buy, I was skeptical. Selecting raspberries that aren’t moldy or strawberries that are ripe at the end of the season are iffy propositions. But I finally relented.

Ordering online was actually fun. It took two of us to do it; we knew that Publix was likely to substitute our preferences with ghastly choices. But surprisingly we were promised almost everything we wanted. No toilet paper, of course, but we were well-stocked. At that point, our cart was full and we were notified that our groceries would arrive in the next four hours.

My Virgin Experience: Pizza Delivery


We’ve never had food delivered to our home. It always seemed so extravagant. So when we’ve had a craving for pizza, ordinarily we’d just eat at our favorite pizza place, LeMay’s. But those plans were not in the offing, given the annoying virus situation.

So we were going to call in a pick-up order, and I would go into the shop to pick it up. But the idea of standing in a crowded pick-up area, handing over a credit card, and wondering how many people had touched my pizza and the box—well, it was just too much for me. We figured there would be much less exposure and touching of pizza-related items if we requested delivery, even for a five-dollar delivery fee plus tip.

Delivery required an hour’s allotment of time. The delivery boy was actually early and very friendly. The pizza was still hot. My husband handled the box gingerly and we removed the pizza with surgical precision onto a large platter. And we promptly threw the box in the trash.

A Contrast In Customer Service


One of the downsides of living without a car is that you rely on delivery services or ride sharing to obtain groceries.

I decided to make use of the Walmart delivery service, which uses Doordash. When my order arrived, it was entirely wrong. All of the diet soda was regular soda, not even one of the frozen items was the correct variety. I did not want to sign for the delivery, since it was not what I requested. The driver was apologetic (he had not picked the order) and he contacted Doordash customer service.