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Cheating on Campus Is Worse Than Ever


Fifty years ago, I was sitting in a high school classroom taking an exam. The sun was shining through the windows behind me, and I wasn’t particularly anxious about this test. I looked up from my test paper and something caught my eye, off to my left and slightly behind me. Two of my friends, two lovely teenage girls who always received excellent grades, were consulting each other.

They were cheating on the test. And I was dismayed.

I quickly turned my head back to my test paper and tried to unsee what I had seen.

Transgenderism: The Parents


Over and over again, I’ve allowed myself to agonize over the information available on the state of transgenderism. Much of the focus is on the ways that children’s lives have been manipulated and destroyed, with some of their parents speaking of the difficulty of trying to understand their children’s predicament. In a one-hour documentary called “Dead Name” (referring to the given name that a child has rejected), the anguish, bewilderment, and horror of the parents of three children, two boys and one girl, is difficult to witness.

Originally the video appeared on Vimeo, but the site removed it: Here’s how they explained their action:

In a statement to The Federalist on Monday afternoon, Vimeo said the documentary violated the platform’s terms on ‘discriminatory or hateful’ material.

Biden: The Man Who Cries Wolf


If you’re anything like me, you’ve reached the saturation point regarding the cries from President Biden about the catastrophes, dangers, disasters, and crises that are imminent. At some point, you would think that people would start to ask themselves whether they should really believe him or not, since the evidence contradicts his words. But there seem to be plenty of people, for any number of reasons that I can only guess at, who trust his ramping up our fear of the future. Just like the story of the boy who cried wolf, they continue to assume that the crisis is real and that he is telling the truth. Why would he lie?

Since I hadn’t read the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in many years, I thought it would be worth re-visiting, and I wasn’t disappointed:

A wolf that lived in the jungle had attacked some sheep in the past, but the villagers always successfully drove it away immediately. Now, a shepherd boy was given the responsibility of taking the village sheep to graze on a small hill close to the jungle. While the sheep enjoyed their grass, the boy used to get very bored. He couldn’t sleep because he had to watch over the sheep. He decided to play a little trick. One day, while the sheep were grazing, the boy started shouting very loudly, ‘Wolf!’ The villagers in the nearby fields heard his loud screams and ran towards him. As they approached him, they saw him laugh loudly, for there was no wolf. The boy enjoyed seeing the initial concern and then the anger on the faces of the farmers!

Joe Lied, People Died


You know this guy—the fellow who seems to be embedded in your life because he’s connected to your group of friends. Or he’s the member of your family that everyone tolerates because no one knows how to keep him away from family events. He can be very funny and charming at times and get along with people, but there’s one thing that people cannot stand about him: he’s a liar. We all know someone just like that.

Some of us think he’s been lying since he spoke his first words. Early on, the lies were probably innocent enough: embellishing a story, making it funnier, more dangerous, more intriguing. When he got “oohs” and “aahs” for those stories, he decided that he could get more attention by dressing up his stories even more: he’d make up stories whole-cloth. Or he’d lie to avoid looking bad or getting into trouble. By the time he reached his teen-age years, lying became natural for him. People rarely questioned his stories, either because they had no idea how easily he lied, or they were reluctant to challenge him, or they simply had given up on learning the truth. So they just went along. When people commiserated about his chronic lying, someone inevitably would say, “That’s just Joe.”

Betrayed by My Fellow Americans


As citizens of the United States, we share so much. We were born in the light of greatness, or have voluntarily chosen to adopt this country as our own. We are the beneficiaries of a great tradition of freedom, men and women who risked their lives to sever ties with England and start anew. It was a daring task, a risky endeavor that is unique in human history. The men and women who took these steps knew that the establishment of a Republic would be fragile, that it would be subject to the whims and power grabs of people who care little for liberty and only relish and are obsessed with the opportunities to expand their own personal power. Those people have betrayed the Founders and affronted the sacrifices that were made to create a new nation.

Even worse, they continue to betray all of us in growing numbers. They hide behind the curtains of false compassion, virtue, and honor. They are violent, evil, and arrogant. And they care nothing about the welfare of blacks, other minorities, and the future. Instead, their goals are to lay waste to every human heart, to any remnant of human achievement and wisdom. Not a shred of decency should be left.

The tactics of the anarchists have been insidious. They have slowly transformed public education into propaganda; students at all levels have been props in their dark drama. The very people who have committed themselves to protect us, from those in local law enforcement to those in our military organizations have been brainwashed at their upper levels to believe they are serving the future. Our legislators have likewise either been programmed from the start or have been persuaded to join the ranks of the anarchists. They are feckless, foolish, and greedy.

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When Donald Trump came into office, he planned to change the trade agreements with China, who had taken advantage of the U.S. for years. We can argue whether tariffs were a good idea or not, and who would benefit or lose. But following the outrageous behavior of China regarding COVID-19, it’s clear that the game […]

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Lies, Fears and Arrogance: The Irrelevance of Truth


With the latest attack on Donald Trump regarding his plans for Independence Day, I became even more sharply aware of the blatantly deceptive words and actions of the Left. Yes, I know it’s all about politics, but they are so willing to do just about anything—including physical and verbal attacks—that they border on demonstrating a type of psychosis.

It’s difficult to separate their lies and fears from their arrogance.

It’s About Time


Major Garrett shifted uneasily in his chair, as the cameras and lights were set up around him. He reflected on his nearly twenty years with the media, especially on his decision to move from Fox News to CBS in 2012. Recently he had wondered if he had made the right decision, given the attitude and behavior of the media toward President Trump and his administration. Today he might be risking his career, but he believed it was the right thing to do.

At that moment the door to the hotel room opened and former President Obama strode into the room, smiling as he saw Garrett waiting for him. Garrett stood up and extended his hand to shake the President’s hand, then invited him to sit down.

They spent a few minutes exchanging small talk, updating each other on their families, activities, and plans. Then Major Garrett moved to the purpose of the interview.

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The offer “Would you like a Salisbury steak for dinner?” “Salisbury? Must be fancy! And it’s steak. Can’t wait!” Presentation “Wait a minute… it’s a measly hamburger patty with onions and sauce. Really?” Mastication “Oh, my — this is amazing.” Epiphany “It’s so good, it makes hamburger steak-like. What’s the name of that town, again?” […]

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