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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis! First, they welcome reports of the Senate Armed Services Committee demanding the Pentagon stop wasting taxpayer dollars searching the Armed Forces for domestic extremists, who seem to be quite rare. They also react to Brett Kavanaugh’s leftist neighbors getting fed up with the vulgar pro-abortion demonstrators who are still infesting the neighborhood. And they’re glad to see Bill de Blasio dropping out of the race for Congress and starting to realize just how much New Yorkers loathed his performance as mayor.


Tevi Troy joins Brian Anderson to discuss outgoing New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s tenure, what Eric Adams might bring to the job, and the recent political trajectory of the Big Apple.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement that he is a no vote on Biden’s massive “Build Back Better” spending plan full of far-left priorities. They also hammer outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for his almost gleeful pronouncement that if you threaten to take away people’s paychecks and their ability to enjoy life, you can get them to do what you want them to. And they shake their heads as Vice President Kamala Harris claims the entire Biden administration was caught off-guard by the COVID variants this year.

Rob Long is in for Jim Geraghty again.  He and Greg rip into far left activist Shaun King for wanting all “European” depictions of Jesus torn down and discuss that the real target of many on the far left is not just religious artwork but the church itself.  They also weigh in on why many police are doing nothing to stop the vandalism and destruction of statues and monuments and they address the political debate arising on the right about whether the police ought to clamp down and protect these properties or whether images of endless rioting are going to lead to more votes for Republicans in November.  And they have fun with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who did nothing about rioting but is now on the warpath against illegal fireworks dealers.

It’s all good news on Tuesday’s Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a new rule which no longer requires many nonprofits to disclose donors to the IRS. They also cheer retail sales from May more than doubling expectations and suggesting Americans are ready to buy again. And they cheer politicians in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn for defying New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and busting open locked playgrounds in response to the city’s heavy-handed crackdown on the Orthodox Jewish community over COVID restrictions.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the Minneapolis City Council announcing an end to the police department but only after a year of community discussions. They also react to school officials in three major cities deciding to stop having resource officers in the schools. And they unload on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio yet again for his personal and professional approaches to the coronavirus.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome encouraging news about coronavirus testing, vaccines, and treatments that has Wall Street feeling bullish and suggesting that the Chinese communists were wrong again. They also hammer New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for breaking up the well-attended funeral of a rabbi in Brooklyn and warning that if it happens again there will be summons or arrests. And they dig into a new poll suggesting a majority of Americans would be inclined to suspend the November elections if coronavirus is still a major concern.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer much quicker COVID-19 tests, new treatments, and progress on a vaccine. They also discuss the likely impact of America shutting down for at least another month. And they shake their heads at the tactics of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo.

Bill de Blasio’s Vision: Striking Progressivism


I am not from New York. I do not live in New York. I will probably never live in New York, though I love to visit New York. I remember my first trip there when I was still in college. Those were the pre-Rudy days and I was robbed, but I was young and resilient and romantic. Even in that moment, New York was nothing but glorious for me, a modern day Rome, though I was happy when the city got safer, and I had a very cosmopolitan brother make his way to a little apartment near Battery Park.

When I managed to spend a weekend in his city, he would help me navigate the subways and take me out for the best pizzas and go with me to see up-and-coming plays that were still off-off Broadway. We ate cheese and drank wine from a terrace that allowed a view of the Statue of Liberty if you stretched just a little and squinted. He knew the first magazine to which I ever subscribed with my own money was The New Yorker, so it seemed an irony to us when he built a life in that place while I remained an outsider living in much smaller towns much further south.

Even so, it is with interest that I occasionally look closely at this city that has produced so many strange characters in American politics, including our current president. I will still pick up and read some magazines that are openly New York-centric, and I will sometimes find myself amazed at how much I feel like an ideological foreigner when considering the ideas that swirl around Manhattan. I think it is very important to always engage with ideas, but … whoa.

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My shift today started before sunrise, so I didn’t hear of a tragic shooting in New York, this morning, until I  got home and turned on the news.  My prayers go out to Mr. Gabay and his family.           Reports in print, at least, include the kind and supportive words Governor […]

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Ben Stein argues in The American Spectator that Obama, Sharpton, Holder and de Blasio are the best friends the Republican party has ever had, since Reagan, at least electorally. A pity so few Republicans have the courage to say some of the things he wrote, including about white America’s racial generosity, as evidenced by who […]

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