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2015 Gubernatorial Races and the Republican “Red Wall”


BryantBefore we get to 2016, there’s some housekeeping to attend to. Specifically, three gubernatorial contests on tap for later this year. The states in play: Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Will they offer any windows into the health of the two parties? Let’s take a quick look at each one.

1) Kentucky. The state synonymous with horse racing has the inside track on the  nastiest race so far. A college girlfriend says one-time GOP frontrunner and state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer abused her. That, in turn, raised questions as to fellow Republican Hal Heiner’s campaign tactics. How ugly has the GOP fight become? At one point, Comer called Heiner “the Christian Laettner of Kentucky politics.” Why that hurts so badly in Wildcat Nation:


Time for a GOP Purge?


A small business?

Sorry to sound like Robespierre, but the disgraceful goings-on described in this National Review article deserve to be investigated and the responsible parties exposed. Simply put, Congress was exempted from Obamacare on the basis of a fraudulent application to the District of Columbia’s health exchange that described the Hill — which employs thousands — as a small business eligible for taxpayer subsidies under the ACA: