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Happy New Year!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer the Iranian people for risking everything to rise up against the corrupt, autocratic mullahs in Tehran and applaud President Trump for a much better response than the Obama administration offered in 2009.  They also slam Democratic activists David Brock and Lisa Bloom for offering huge amounts of cash for additional women to publicly accuse Trump of sexual harassment or assault in the final days of the 2016 campaign.  And they unload on the mainstream media for either ignoring the uprisings in Iran or offering misleading explanations or the protests – all to protect a political narrative.

Money Laundering Allegations at Media Matters


david_brock_ap_imgDavid Brock is a well known ally of the Democrats, a friend and supporter of the Clintons, and a frequent visitor at the White House.  His main organization, Media Matters, lays claim, as a non-profit, to being some sort of media watch dog and “fact checker”, even though it almost exclusively attacks right-of-center media outlets and, of course, Fox News.  If Zero Hedge is correct in its analysis, it it has also been a front for money laundering for David Brock.

I have little to say on this myself, only to suggest that others here read and evaluate what Zero Hedge is saying.  I am curious what financial folks here on Rico have to say about their analysis.  I am also wondering if Brock and company would be up for criminal charges.  Given Brock’s very close connections with both Obama and Clinton, this could prove incredibly damaging.  The following is the heart of Zero Hedge’s analysis:

Let’s recap

Say, for example, you donate $1,062,857 to Media Matters for America.   This is how David Brock would have used your charitable donation in 2014: