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During my recent internet searches on all things David Bowie I came across this great article: In the 1970s, while living in Berlin, Bowie wrote Heroes, inspired by the sight of a couple embracing in front of the Berlin Wall. On June 6, 1987, two years before the Wall opened and six days before Ronald Reagan’s Tear […]

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David Bowie, RIP


1974-dodge-dart-sport-interiorDavid Bowie died tonight. He was 69. His birthday was January 8.

I was never much of a fan, but Bowie, like many rockers of the early ’70s, had an impact on me that I’m only beginning to understand now, after all these years. In 1974, when I was a wee lad of seventeen, I landed a job as a disc jockey at the local Top 40 station. My head started swelling that first night — the graveyard shift — because I saw myself as a bit of a star, although I was just wise enough to know that I was living vicariously through men and women who had real talent (or in some cases, what passed for talent). But it was a helluva ride. I figured the chicks would dig it. Of course I was wrong, but self-deception at that age is a necessary stimulant, and at least I was miles ahead of my burger-slinging buddies: I’d done my stint at the Golden Arches Banquet Hall at age 16.

Like I said, I wasn’t much for Bowie. Still, his death has stopped me in my tracks. Suddenly I’m thinking about the songs I played, the on-air smart-aleck remarks that got me canned, and the joys of a youth spent traveling the Pacific Northwest seeking fame and fortune and fun.