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In what Dave describes a more eclectic mix than usual, he chats in-studio with his friend and co-worker, the delightful Joel Valdez who is wrapping up his degree in mechanical engineering, before enjoying a conversation with Ricochet Editor in Chief Jon Gabriel about what it’s like to capture the attention of the President of the United States.  And speaking of presidents, Alphonse Fontenot visits Memphis to pop in the studio as well and make his own rather peculiar announcement. The result of all this is a conversation that touches on the world of high-end retail, best and worst management practices, mechanical engineering, binary elections, Joe Biden and the Democrat Primaries (no, that’s not the name of a new rock band), “Game of Thrones Girl,” watches, the water in Michigan, Conrad Hilton, and when to leave a department store. Buckle in, and enjoy the ride!

Dave Carter for Rolling Thunder


Ricochet’s own road warrior, Dave Carter, has his hands full this weekend paying tribute to those who have served their country in uniform. Dave’s so busy that he can’t post himself, but this morning he sent us this remarkable photograph — the one and only time that all seven of the “Ride of Pride” trucks (one of which, of course, is driven by Dave himself) were gathered together: