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Are you paying attention? Have you been watching the Catholic Church wrestling with itself on being more relevant to the post-modernist world? In today’s Internet age, you have a ringside seat to this sad and sordid spectacle because news and commentary abound beyond what the talking heads or columnists in the mainstream media, who adore the current pope, will report.

To say that the barbarians are once more at the gates of Rome might be an insult to barbarians, many of whom may have had better family values and ethics than some of the despicable members of the Catholic clergy who have seduced and raped young boys, young girls, seminarians, conducted drug-fueled gay orgies in the shadow of St. Peter’s basilica, or who continue to maintain homosexual relationships with other priests or members of the laity without a worry that they will be reprimanded or defrocked; or other bishops and cardinals who have shielded and shuffled around the aforementioned pederasts, pedophiles, and rapists who then continued to prey on new victims in other parishes. No, the Roman Catholic Church is not suffering from an assault from an outside throng of barbarians running amok in Vatican City, rather it is under attack from demonic forces who wear clerical garb who are running amok within and spreading sin and heresy throughout the world in their wake.

On a flight from Brazil back to Rome in 2013, Pope Francis was confronted by reporters with questions about the active and militant, gay lobby (referred to most commonly as the Lavender Mafia) within the ranks of the Vatican hierarchy. The pope replied, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” The pastoral guidance from St. Paul in Romans, Chapter One, apparently did not come to the pope’s mind (emphasis mine):

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Does Hell exist? This question arose in another thread this week, one which the O.P.’s author had really hoped would focus more closely on what is beautifully and uniquely Catholic when it comes to sex and birth control. She didn’t want her thread to get highjacked, especially by people determined to explore the unlovely matter of eternal damnation. {http://ricochet.com/the-beautiful-and-unique-teachings-of-the-catholic-church/#comments) Preview Open

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