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This came up in my Twitter feed and I clicked on the video without actually reading the tweet. Half way through I was pretty sure it was an ad for The Daily Wire. Then I looked at the tweet more carefully and realized the video was compiled by Media Matters to show us that the […]

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Kassy Dillon is a staff writer for the Daily Wire and founder of Lone Conservative a small organization that teaches college students how to become writers and funnels them to media outlets. She discusses being one of two known Republicans at her small all-girls, liberal arts college, how she got into politics, and recording the infamous “Trigglypuff” video which created the face of the “campus crazy” movement. She talks about her trip to Iraq last year with a group including an Orthodox Jew and an Israeli Jew (who proceeded to pass out Israeli flags, which is illegal in Iraq), and she and Bridget compare their travel experiences in legitimate patriarchal societies and how oppressive they are to women. They cover Gen Z’s obsession with Ben Shapiro, how learning other languages forces you to think in different ways, and Kassy’s experience winning the ACU’s Ronald Reagan Award.


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Regarding President Trump, there are currently several divisions on the Right. While not including everybody, these probably cover most:

  1. Trump was my guy all along. MAGA!
  2. I voted for someone else in the primary but with serious reservations and crossed fingers, I voted Trump to prevent Hillary. Policy-wise, I’m pleased.
  3. I didn’t vote for Trump, but the economy, courts, and geopolitics seem pretty, pretty good.
  4. Never Trump. Ever. Never eva!!!

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles (and cigar-group friend) penned “Can We All Finally Admit Trump Is A Good President?