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Who’s Committing Election Violence?


Never ones to let a “crisis” go to waste, President Biden and his fellow travelers are working overtime to accuse Republicans of being behind election violence threats.

“President Joe Biden urged Americans to vote in favor of democracy, reject election-denying candidates, and be patient with results ahead of the first national Election Day held since the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol,” screamed CNBC in its coverage of Biden’s Union Station speech last Wednesday.

Better Late Than Never: Learning About the Tulsa Race Massacre


I love my home state of Oklahoma. It is home to wonderful people; family, friends, excellent schools, a terrific and diverse culture, and some remarkable history.

Attending public schools during my formative years, from kindergarten in Guymon to college in Chickasha, I took my share of Oklahoma history classes and remember much of it today. In college, my Oklahoma history class taught me about President Andrew Jackson’s forced relocation of Indian tribes from the southeast to Oklahoma Indian Territory — the “Trail of Tears.” Thousands died.