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I’ve Discovered a Liking for Piers Morgan, Now That He’s in the UK


Some years ago, I knew Piers Morgan as an obnoxious British journalist on American television. I rarely watch TV, so I mostly was aware of him when he outraged conservatives by his theatrical posturing over one issue or another, such as Newtown.

However, as a faithful reader of the Daily Mail, I’ve enjoyed a number of his columns since he returned to the UK, defending his old friend President Donald Trump, such as this one. The president gave Mr. Morgan an interview on Air Force One before departing the UK for Germany yesterday that many of you will find interesting. Here’s the interview, and I’ve also included a video from morning talk in the UK arguing over the president’s visit, in which Mr. Morgan argues that the protests against the American president should not be so puerile and outraged, when visitors like Erdogan of Turkey or the crown prince of Saudi Arabia receive little to none.

Tales from the Tabloids: What If You Found Out You Weren’t Adopted?


When he was 33, Andrew Lovell, a British drummer in a ’90s band called M People, was thinking about marriage. He had been adopted as an infant in the 1960s by a white family, but his skin tone made it clear to him from his early days that his parentage was more African than the people he lived with. His adoption was rarely discussed.

Now a man, he wanted to know more about his birth family. The story he knew was that his parents adopted him five months after suffering a stillbirth. His parents finally sat him down and explained to him that his mother was his real mother. When he had been born, it was clear that his mom had had an affair and that he was not his father’s child.

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Ash Ruiz learned the words to the song “Unforgettable” from his grandmother Jean when he was 8 years old. She told him he was to sing it with her on her birthday each year, and a tradition began. Some years the song was sung over the phone, or over Skype, and after a time Grandma […]

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