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This past week, two Florida counties experienced cyber-attacks. It was just on the news that Florida City experienced a ransomware attack, then this evening, it was announced that Mexico Beach was also attacked by ransomware, demanding $600,000 to be paid in Bitcoin, the untraceable way to pay and preferred choice of criminals, thugs and lowlifes […]

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Hack Away


shutterstock_232080763To the Washington Post’s report on the North Korean hack job (no, the other one), Drudge offers the following headline: “Cancellation sets worrying new precedent for cyber terror.”

Well, sure, it’s “new” in the sense that it just happened. And the attack did take a novel form, combining the data diarrhea of WikiLeaks with jihad’s pointedly obscure threats to silence opposition.

But we are already chock full of precedents, thank you. Cyber attacks from Russia and China over a course of decades have shown the world our response policy: “Pretty please?”