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Two Good Stories to Remember This Day


Most of us are reliving, remembering, and honoring the memories and people of that tragic day 20 years ago. We remember the anger and resolve, along with the sadness of losing friends and family. And the weather here, today, just four miles from the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, is eerily reminiscent of that fateful day.

We know that four commercial aircraft were hijacked and deliberately crashed into three buildings, the fourth into a field near Shanksville, PA, about 80 miles from Pittsburgh. Three of the aircraft each had five hijackers; United Flight 93, the one that crashed near Shanksville, only had four.

Sacrificing Border Security for Politics


The US Customs and Border Protection, part of Homeland Security, has been a source of crime and corruption for years. New hires and contractors are not properly screened for employment, and now that President Donald Trump has requested an additional 5,000 border officers, tripling the size of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, our borders will be at greater risk than ever. Instead of Congress taking steps to improve screening for new hires, they are taking steps in the opposite direction. How has this happened?

In 2010, Andrew Becker reported on a Senate Homeland Security subcommittee hearing on corruption of federal law enforcement officers: